Senior Counsel George Oraro Goes To A Hotel – Hilarious

April 1, 2013


WAITER: sema mkubwa nikuletee nini?

COUNSEL: how are you first respondent? i’d like to associate my dental formulae with the application by the second respondent.

WAITER: atii?

COUNSEL; he he, okay let me use language commensurate with this setting. halo waiter, i want food.

WAITER: oh chakula gani?

COUNSEL: can i go through your nutritional affidavit?

WAITER: as in menu?

COUNSEL: I associate myself with your question hence i have an affirmative answer…

WAITER: okay, nikuletee chakula gani?

COUNSEL: interesting question, i humbly submit that i respond to it in two ways; a white semi solid product of monocotyledons, heat and a sufuria, as well as the thermally metamorphosed remains of Pisces. i have nothing useful to add.

WAITER: jamani nikuletee nini?

COUNSEL: samaki na ugali, is that better amicus ignorantae?

WAITER: he he sawa nakuletea, thanks for compliment by the way..

COUNSEL: puahahaha youcus welcomae.

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