After Kibaki’s White, Uhuru Kenyatta Picks Blue Presidential Standard… Just Like Jomo

April 1, 2013
The national flag and presidential standard on Kibaki’s car [Photo||Nation]

President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta has settled on a blue presidential standard that will be raised wherever he is after his swearing in on Tuesday next week.
A presidential standard is an official flag of the President, displayed alongside the national flag, wherever the President is and pulled down as soon as he leaves.

According to the April 9 programme, once Uhuru is sworn in President Kibaki’s standard will be lowered as the new President’s is hoisted as the national anthem in played. 

Kibaki Presidential Standard

This will mark the end of the white presidential standard adorned with a shield in the middle, bearing the national colours and a coat of arms with olive branches on the side that President Kibaki adopted upon assuming office in 2002.
Former President Moi’s presidential standard was green, with a shield in the middle and a red cockerel next to it. 

Uhuru’s father and founding president Jomo Kenyatta also had a blue presidential standard which he adopted in 1970 after changing the initial one.
But unlike his father’s which was dark blue with a yellow cockerel, Uhuru’s presidential standard will be a light blue, sources in the Office of the President said.The independence presidential standard was the country’s flag with the court of arms at the centre and fringed with gold lace. This standard made a short comeback with Kibaki but was later adopted for all top officials.
Uhuru’s presidential standard will bear the shield emblem and the two spears.But, unlike Kibaki’s it will not have the olive branches.Instead, sources said, there will be a dove on one side and a traditional horn on the other — the TNA and URP symbols respectively.

The presidential standard is flown on the right hand side of the President’s official limousine and the decoy whenever there is one.The ceremony on Tuesday, where Kenyans will see Uhuru’s presidential standard for the first time will be brief.

The law states it should start at 10am and end at 2pm.Kibaki will come in last but will be the first to leave to wait for the new President at State House. 
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