Parallel Students Are Academic Rejects – Heated Debate At Kenyatta University

April 23, 2013

It has always been an issue waiting to explode. Though spoken in low tones, it is the belief of many that parallel or self sponsored students are academic light weights, only taking the best courses because of their money. 
Parallel students end up paying over 6 times the amount paid by those who are allocated slots by the Joint Admissions Board.

Yesterday, there was a fierce exchange of words between Self Sponsored and Government Sponsored students from Kenyatta University, on the popular ‘Its only in KU’ Facebook page.

It started with the admin of the page publishing a post about 27 KU students who have been summoned by the university disciplinary council, for taking part in the riots following the discovery of unused election material, at the University’s main campus. 
He wrote.

So apparently 27 K.U students have been summoned before the disciplinary committee following riots after the discovery of ballot materials at Business Centre in mid March…My question where is ABABU NAMWAMBA and MILLIE ODHIAMBO who hailed them as “gallant soldiers” of democracy? The COMRADES will suffer just because they fought somebody else’s war.

Your Thoughts??

One Nixon Nick, who is evidently a Government Sponsored student, introduced the elephant in the room by equating the rioting students to fools, who are clearly self sponsored (parallel). 

Nixon Nick if u think they were fighting someones war then u r the greatest fool in k.u,n u must b ssp (self sponsored)..kuskumwa kama mkokoteni aka academic reject.

All of a sudden, the issue at hand shifted from the ‘gallant soldiers’ of Ababu Namwamba, to the Self Sponsored – Government Sponsored debate. 
His comment came at a good time, as Facebook has just introduced replies in comments, and this particular one attracted over 200.

Most of the replies were insults directed at Nick, and most are unfortunately unprintables, but you get the point. You don’t go telling people they’re academic rejects, even if you think they are. 

Below are some of the reactions.

Jordana Claire Tairica – respect ssp students thy aint ssp bcoz thy didnt perform betta most of them prefer a tri~sem wea thy wunt waste tym for such childish indecent behaviours and run ua mouth wea it ought to

Waithira Mum Alvoh – I thnk u misspelled ur name nixon. Am sure th n in nick shud n D.

Peter Mwanzia – Boss take time to think before u type something being a ssp haimaanishi am a hooligan btw kaa wee ni chopi si ungeenda M.I.T (Massaccusets Institute of Technology)

Sammy Harris Muiruri – Ww nixon wacha ku2mia akili kama kofia..kipii ww

Esther Obadiah –  Iam a proud ssp n money took me where my brain culdnt so wha nigga??? na nitamaliza niajiriwe wewe bado ukitarmac so we r all the sem n mayb im beta than u!!!

Sheila Ngugi –  Some of us ssp ‘academic rejects’ actually performed way better than u mr.genius and still continue to do so
!! dont we just love ssp? freedom of choice to study whatever you want, wherever you want??

Cantario Richy – nko ssp na am sure I nilikuchapa handsdown. kcse got cool ,nafanya course I wanted to…wat abt u,tnk twice before u utter ur wads

Cicilia Kemunto –  As far as i kan see u aint in havard university meaning u aint also academicaly able,grow up!Proud 2 be ssp

Dennis Rapenda –  I can see KU has alot of academic rejects aka academically displaced persons hahahahaha si wanateta, these academic rejects should lie low like an envelope……period

Festus Ondola – I HATE THESE SEVERELY RETARTED STUDENTS(SRS OR SSP if u like)Can someone tell Mugenda SSP wote wapelekwe constituent colleges alafu hapa main itubakie sisi JAB(JUSTLY APPROVED BRAINS)

Kimani Dav Modigiliani – Am a jab alumni but i think u are stupid. U passed with help of leakage. Stop deaming people yet u have no place in society…

Peter Ngash
– wow unadharau ssp #utajua RESULT SLIP haidetermine PAY SLIP# soon

Mutesi Damaris Lastborn –  Sa stori ya SSP imeingililia wapi? U may b in campo bt bado hujaimature! Jst reasoning lik a klas 1 kid. Style up dude! Na ukunywe anti~mafeelings! Nkt!

Dennis Rapenda –  SSP ni wajinga, academically disabled n misplaced. Waende NIBS

Rattus Sam Robba – Damn… I’m loving the stupid nature of ‘ick nd a some Dennis I guess.. Hehe.. Who carez.. Dudes.. Ssp ndio wanawashikilia shule… Acha na watu ka nyinyi wenye fees mmeshindwa kumaliza.. Nd nt supporting the ssp or being impartial…bt yu niggas ought to learn that kuna wale wako ssp wenye walipita ata kuwaliko bt wanataka kumaliza shule haraka… So quit yapping nd get yua facts rait..ati rejects.. Hehehe.. Wish mjue the namba wenye wako strath nd hawaringi… Being in k.u ni kujivunia kuwa mkenya nd willing to live the standard life… Ma’fackas.. Learn to appreciate yua status na muache wenye wanajiweza hav their way.. Na labda nyi ni watu wa ma’D kwa transcripts venye mna’bonga mob..

Nixon Nick* – nkt! ujinga ni kuuza ng’ombe iliupeleke ng’ombe ingine k.u

Kelvin Kariuki – I don see the big deal here.. Nixon i knw SSP students who can buy ua whole clan.. They can also pay SSp fees for ua whole Village. Ww unasoma upate future,yy ako na future.. I envy sme SSP’s.

Sheeqoe Cariowkey – who cares wat u think nigga,as long as u not the one who pays fee for any of us…#proudlyteamssp#

Kelvin Kariuki – Nixon Dick, if u have tht much brain,c u quit campo lyk bill gates/Matt Zuckerberg/steve Jobs.. And do sth for awa nation..? U can’t??? I knew it…!!!

Valary Malowa – i have never known am a reject yet i got an A. enyewe some people…nkt.

Then one student, who was apparently a top performer in 2007 spoke.

Rattus Sam Robba –  Man.. Yu guy are just stupid!! Hehehehe.. Acha tu niachane na wewe.. Enda kwa paper ya 2007 kcse release nd check the namba 14 nationwide… Now whoz the fool again?? Nlikuwa na’try kukuelimisha joh.. Bt yu too stupid to see things in a clear dimension..


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