Full Catalogue of Jaguar’s Sh 40 Million Car Collection

April 25, 2013
Probably the richest artiste in Kenya, Jaguar is not exactly a car enthusiast, but has his fair share of fuel guzzlers. 

Jaguar is known to own various businesses including a cab company and real estate spread across Nairobi. This is believed to earn him more than he makes from music (which is itself a lot). 

His deal with Safaricom for the ‘Niko Na Safaricom Live’ concerts is believed to have brought him over Sh 5 million. 
He also has deals with EABL and Unilever. 
Perhaps it’s because of this endless flow of money, that the singer recently bought himself a Sh 35 million bungalow. 

His car collection is also impressive, and he is never shy to flaunt it. 
The total amount spent on the 6 or so fuel guzzlers is not less than Sh 35 million. 
Here they are.

1. A Bentley (Sh 15 million) *
2. Silver Range Rover Sport (Sh 8 million)
3. Black Mercedes E240 (Sh 5 million)
4. Beige BMW 5-Series (Sh 5 million)
5. Toyota Lexus (Sh 4 million)
6. Toyota Mark X (Sh 2 million)


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