Embarrassment: NTV Thought ‘Habemus Papam’ is The Name of The New Pope

March 14, 2013

NTV was on Wednesday night left with an egg on their face, after revealing the name of the new pope as ‘Habemus Papam’. In a tweet posted by @NTVKenya, their official twitter handle, the station wrote,

Habemus Papam elected the new catholic #Pope.

Habemus Papam is latin for “We have a Pope”.
The tweet was deleted soon after, but not before someone took the screenshot.

And Kenyans are an unforgiving lot. Below are some comments.

Haki NTV tweeted that Habemus Papam has been elected as the new Pope? *real tears* – Grace Kimani

Someone says its the name of the new pope! SmhRT @ngatia_sammy: Lol NTV whats Habemus PAPAM? – Damaris Kimani

Go home NTV u’re drunk RT @ntvkenya: BREAKING NEWS: Habemus Papam elected the new Catholic #Pope. – DJ Toe beat

NTV have their own provisional pope, Habemus Papam, let’s wait for the real one.  – Njiiru

kama hujua kitu uliza, ata ntv hawajui Habemus Papam ni nini… lol – Mueni

Ntv provisional results indicate Habemus papam in the lead, with cardinal paul muite closely following…. – Simba mbili

Previously on NTV: *black smoke* . . . *black smoke* . . . *White smoke…Larry Madomo grabs office iPad* Habemus Papam is the new pope!  – Mike

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