Tyranny of Numbers: How Raila Will Easily Win The Election.. An Answer To Mutahi Ngunyi

February 7, 2013

The whole of this week, political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has been the subject of attack following his 13 minute PowerPoint presentation where he declares Uhuru Kenyatta the next president of Kenya. 
In his analysis, he says the election was won on December 18th when IEBC announced voter registration figures
According to him, Uhuru is heading to the election with an assured 6 million votes, against Raila’s 2 million. The two will only be fighting for the swing votes which may go either way. His advice to Raila is to prevent Uhuru from winning in the first round.

Now, an anonymous political analyst has come up with broken down numbers on how Raila will win the election in the first round. Unlike Mutahi’s this new breakdown looks at regions instead of tribe. 

You can watch Mutahi Ngunyi’s PowerPoint Presentation HERE and compare it with this chart.

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