Report: Kenya Is The 13th Most Miserable Country In The World

February 21, 2013

On Wednesday, The Business Insider published a report by Arthur Orkum, titled ‘2013 Misery Index’. It is a crude economic measure that sums a country’s unemployment and inflation rates to assess conditions on the ground.

It included a total of 197 countries, and Kenya emerged as the 13th most miserable country in the world.

This is the explanation given for Kenya’s dismal performance.

Corruption and reliance on a few specific primary goods whose prices have remained low have been holding Kenya’s economy back. Unemployment has historically been very high, and remains so. However, oil was discovered in Kenya in March 2012, which might help revive its sagging economy.

And below are the 25 most miserable countries in the world.
1. Zimbabwe
2. Liberia
3. Burkina Faso
4. Belarus
5. Turkmenistan
6. Djibouti
7. Namibia
8. Nepal
9. Kosovo
10. Syria
11. Sudan
12. Lesotho
13. Kenya
14. Senegal
15. Marshall Island
16. Afghanistan
17. Swaziland
18. Haiti
19. Yemen
20. Bosnia and Herzegovina
21. Gaza Strip
22. Maldives
23. Iran
24. Mauritania
25. Mali


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