Nairobi Wire Caught Pants Down

February 20, 2013
Yesterday we ran a CNN story of how thieves had stolen diamonds worth $50 million at a Brussels Airport in just 11 minutes. Somehow, the word ‘still’ sneaked into the headline, instead of ‘steal’. 

Unfortunately for us, it did not go unnoticed, and for the better part of yesterday, some people dedicated their effort to highlight this gaffe. One @mmnjug was even sure to take a screenshot, with the tweet, “How a good story is messed by a “commonly confused word” by @nairobiwire”.

His good buddy momo generator then wondered why Aaliyah was calling @mmnjug. Well, because bills must be paid. (Soon we will come up with an advertisement policy, that will ensure we reach as many persons as possible.)

Still on the ‘still’ matter, @LamsKenya wrote, RIP English. (Fair enough). Then @SalivaVic came in, “Dictionaries needed here”. 
And they went on and on.
Here’s that screenshot.


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