Madam President Kingwa Kamencu Is Now Job Hunting

February 6, 2013

Just days after pulling out of the presidential race, Kingwa Kamencu is seriously looking for a job. The former presidential aspirant posted her qualifications on her Facebook wall, asking anyone with information that may lead to her getting a job to kindly forward it. This was her post.

Moving forward to earn my bread; a sista needs to survive. Potential areas that i am highly skilled in and will look into:
a) Writing
b) Academia
c) Belly dancing

If any one has links to any of the above, i will appreciate your kind assistance. Thanks

Some of those who commented were surprised that a presidential candidate would be posting her CV online, looking for a job. One Wahura Thiong’o wrote, ” Welcome to Reality”.

Until late last month, Kamencu was or made Kenyans believe she was a presidential candidate. She said that she was forced to pull out of the race after failing to collect the required amount of signatures on time. She then endorsed Martha Karua for the top seat. 
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As things stand, Madam President, as she often referred to herself is back to the real world, with real issues, real problems and phew, she’s finally looking for a real job.

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