A Former IDP’s Peace Message To Kenyans

February 7, 2013

Don’t Get Twisted elections are a passing cloud. We will still be Kenyans /brothers
Fellow Kenyans, we always live like brothers and sisters. we watch same matches, we play games together, we celebrate our victories as Kenyans, we learn in different institutions as Kenyans, get employed regardless of our ethnicity, listen to same songs, worship together in churches, mosques and temples as Kenyans. in such times we see each other as a countryman or a brother. in such times we enjoy our cultural diversities but we only get divided during election period. that’s when you see your neighbour as an enemy simply because they support a different candidate.

Whether you are corded, Jubilated, Eagled or peaceful, never one time think of compromising peace. Never think of attacking your neighbour because they dont support the candidate of your choice. Life shall go on after march 4th regardless of who wins. I shall still be your neighbour, friend. Churchmate. classmate or teammate. I shall congratulate you in case your candidate wins and vice versa.
One thing for a fact, after 4th march, if you come to me or your neighbour in need of something like other times, they will help you. I can give you ksh 50 for lunch but your CANDIDATE will never give you. In fact he doesn’t know you. but as your neighbour, i know you , so lets live like brothers never to be separated by politics. let that Kenyan love flow amongst us regardless of our ethnicity. lets secure the future of this country by being role models to future generations. lets not repeat the mistake we did in 2007 because we are much clever now.

Tuishi kwa umoja, upendo na amani hata tukiwa na maono tofauti.

God bless you, God bless Kenya

By Igwe Zachary Githaiga (former IDP currently student opposition leader at maseno university)
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