KTN Tujuane: "I Don’t Do Friez" Turned Into A Song… plus Mirfat memes collection

February 25, 2013

Mirfat Musa, the Tujuane ‘diva’ who was trending whole day yesterday has already become a celebrity. Everyone is now talking about her, but few have kind words for her.

Apparently, Mirfat is an aspiring actor, and she believes any publicity is good publicity. Now, she can walk into any production studio and get any acting gig, she wants.
For this argument to hold water, we can only conclude that KTN’s Tujuane is actually a scripted show. Something we should not expect the station to admit. A good number of people believe that those appearing on the show are paid actors, and Mirfat is not an exception.

However, it is also very likely that Mirfat and the rest are actually people genuinely in search of a date, and receive no form of payment. If that’s the case, then these memes summarize what Kenyans think of Mirfat.
There is also a song about her, done by SNL. It is embedded below.

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