More Characteristics of a Nairobi Chic

February 25, 2013

Her eye shadow overshadows her eyes.

She carries Nitalala Wapi (vey big handbag)

She studied in Sri lanka but came back with an American accent.

She speaks Kiswanglish for instance: “I kulad lunch then pandad mat and shukad town. I met kina Joan and we tembelead Sally. Aki we ongead mob storo till jioni then we endad kwa pub and kunywad till che. Jeez, somebody shoot me.’’

She meets her girlfriends and jumps while screaming

She’s in high heels, pierced the whole body.

She wants to hug everyone.

She wears a micro mini and still tries to pull it down to her knees

Her favorite heels have a worn out sole but she won’t get off them!

She’s in leggings and bare backs on a cold day

She pretends not to know you when she’s with her pals in town.

Wakes up very early as if she’s going to work only to go to a salon for muchene or an M-pesa Agent

She wears shades in the dark

Wears winter boots in the scorching sun

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