Kabando wa Kabando Attacks Citizen TV In Their Own Studios

February 4, 2013

Last night, Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed hosted Kabando wa Kabando and Tom Ojwang on Monday Special. The latter was to represent CORD with the former representing Jubilee. This is the third time Kabando was appearing on the show in as many weeks. 

For the last two weeks, Kabando has established himself as no push over’ in debates, and last week his boss in the Sports ministry Ababu Namwamba was at the receiving end. Kabando has constantly rubbished the opinion polls commissioned by Citizen TV, citing the large differences in the results. Last night however, he went as far as accusing Citizen TV of campaigning for Raila, adding that the fact that the opinion polls were sponsored by the station is suspect. Constant attempts by Hussein Mohammed to calm the assistant minister down were received by ‘you’re gagging me’ claims. Kabando had his way, and he successfully painted Citizen TV as Raila’s and CORD’s propaganda tool. 
Kenyans on social media were however not happy with the way Kabando conducted himself. Many were particularly not pleased with how he raised his voice at both the host and the CORD representative. 
Below are some comments lifted from Twitter.  

Kabando wa Kabando bashing Citizen on Citizen!! And Hussein is pissed! LOL!!  – Phillip Mwaniki

Kabando is bullying Hussein Mohammed. Hussein should put his foot down and tell him to either behave or ship out. – Robert Alai

Kabando should learn to improve his arguments instead of raising his voice.  – Fundi Frank

kABANDO said his Heart out waiting again to see him Next WEEK when POLLSTERS will be ranking UHURUTO ahead of RAILA by 10%…

Kabando means “just like maize ” and he surely lived up to his name,causing constipation to sober minds.

Tom Kajwang has outgrown campus activism but Kabando is still stuck right in it.

We are proud of kabando wa kabando for asking #cordtv  to be impartial

Kabando Says Royal Media is #Cord’s Project yet he has been visiting their studios weekly

Kabando is becoming more stupid and I can clearly see Hussein Mohamed is not impressed. Kabando is outrageously making unfounded allegations  -Arap Bett

Kabando wa kabando pliz punguza mafeelings,una machungu sana sir…….it’s NOT about chord or jubilee,it’s about the common mwananchi -Kenzo Matata

Is Kabando the best #Jubilee can offer to debate?We feel cheated as viewers, the depth of discourse is wanting.  -Felix Osano

Kabando WaKabando should be made to substantiate his allegations failure to which he should be barred from live appearance. – Bernad Korir

Kabando is such a bully! a bully that even school could not tame -Bella

Kabando wa kabando officially renamed kabundle wa kabundle parroting all over the place like free bundles in a modem – Milka Gekombe

I luv th way th guy, Kembi xpresses himself. It wud benefit Kabando a gr8 deal  – Lujex D

If at it all Belinder Obura was the one interviewing Kabando and TJ Kajwang, haki angefukuza Kabando live live.  – Gabriel Opiyo

Kabando Kabando meets Miguna Miguna  -carol Mmoja

#kabando havin a big head wid small brains. If he has made a mature point, i think i ws fantasizing *off 2 bed*  -Princess wa Mum

Jubilee should replace #Kabando on @CitizenTvKenya monday special”he’s making them loose votes  -Mutembei

does Kabando wa Kabando understand debates largely target swing votes? I wonder whether any take him seriously!  -Stephen Were

Imagine having a man like Kabando wa Kabando as ur dad. U’ll never know who’s the man who’s the wife when ur folks are arguing  – Mr. H

My wish is Kabando would have stuck to convincing kenyans that jubilee manifesto is the best not blaming RMS and polters  -Mercy Oyaya

The debate on Citizen TV between Kabando and Kajwang was just a noisy shouting match devoid of any substance  – Ephraim Njenga

Admit it, everyone has a friend who is perfectly similar to #kabando wa #kabando -Erick Odhiambo

 I swear my puppy is smarter than kabando. It knows where to shit, kabando doesn’t.  -Mike Edwin

people with this double names have issues,from the “miguna miguna’s” verbal diahrrea to “kabando wa kabando’s “… how do you call that? – Rosh Aura

Kabando wa Kabando can easily spark war… Shame Shame Shame!  -Buziba

*Hussein you are very brilliant guy. You are the promise for this generation , that is all Kabando got right  – EO Patel

I dont think thy will allow kabando in that studio again…never. They will think twice before.  -Nicholas Kirwa

kabando thinks he is still campaighning for a sonu seat – chief ohene

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