Raila Agrees To Meet Waiganjo

January 30, 2013

Prime minister Raila Odinga has agreed to meet suspected fake top cop Joshua Waiganjo. In a rally at Uhuru Park yesterday, Raila told CORD supporters that the meeting will help uncover the rot in the police force. 
“Waiganjo says he wants to meet me, and I will meet him so that I can know where the truth is. This is because there is rot in the police force, the truth has to be known, I want to clean the police force,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with NTV, Waiganjo requested the Prime Minister and the Vice President to meet him, claiming he may have critical information the police cannot be trusted with. Reportedly, Waiganjo attended meetings between members of a political party and senior police officers in the Rift Valley, concerning Raila’s campaign in the province. 

In the interview, Waiganjo said that his life is in danger, and he has once been saved from possible assassination. He added that he was not and has never been a fake, claiming it was Iteere himself who appointed him to the position of Assistant Commissioner of Police (Kenya Police Reservist). 
We’ll now have to wait and know what Waiganjo tells Raila.
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