Politically Speaking, I Love You – A Luo Love Letter

January 17, 2013

Politically speaking, i love you…

Jaber, allow me to cast my ballot in your heart, because you are my constituency, my county and my ward. you are the only gubernatorial, the only beautytorial, yawa the only torial in my life. aswito you promised to open your ballot box very early in the morning, but yawa, i have been waiting up to now jowadwa, you are still playing hard to get nyathiwa why yawa why?
osiep chunya, i have given you direct nomineson because you are the only candidate in my life. represent the county of my name, govern the contents of my waist and ward off any unwanted emotions like missment, sitress and etc.
jaber, i can never allow anyone to go on a runoff with you, utasinda round one!
… aheri mateeek, i love you like CORD in luo nyansa…..


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