Doctors Pull Feather From Baby’s Neck

December 13, 2012

Just in the neck of time.

Doctors in Kansas treating a 7-month-old girl thought the child had a swollen gland, until they made a frightening discovery — a feather poking out of the baby’s neck.
Initially, doctors prescribed antibiotics and sent little Mya Whittington home with her parents, but then her jaw swelled to the size of a golfball, according to the Associated Press. 
In a follow up visit, a doctor saw something poking out of Mya’s swollen jaw. She put on gloves and plucked a feather out of the baby’s neck.
“They pulled a feather out of my child,” Mya’s father Aaron Whittington, of Hutchinson, Kan., told CNN. “How crazy is that?’
Doctors believe Mya swallowed or inhaled the feather, which apparently pierced the inside of her cheek or throat.
“The body, being crazy as it is, it just rejected it and started forcing it out,” Whittington said.
Doctors said Mya probably was in a lot of pain, but her mom, Emma Whittington, said her daughter cried only when nurses poked her, according to KCTV.
Mya’s neck is still enlarged, but doctors said the swelling should go away on its own.

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