Disbelief As UEFA Champions League Draw Turns Out Completely Similar To The Rehearsal Draw

December 20, 2012
Rehearsal draw on the left, actual draw on the right

Officials in Nyon who watched the Champions League draw on Thursday might have got a sense of déjà vu when they saw which teams were paired with each other.
That is because, in an astonishing twist, the draw ended up being exactly the same as the rehearsal draw which took place on Wednesday.
The order in which the ties were drawn was different but as you can see from our two screen grabs the matches were identical.

The story has had internet mathematicians scrambling to try and work out what the odds of such a scenario happening are with Sky reporting it is somewhere in the thousands while ESPN speculated that it was in the millions.
It is a complex equation as UEFA limited the amount of possible fixtures that could take place.
Winners from the group stage were seeded but they could not be drawn against a team who they played in the group stage, or another team from their nation.

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