List of Kamba Celebs Making It Internationally.. (Hilarious)

November 28, 2012
Outstandng Kamba Celebs Who have made it Internationally:
Lucy Ndumbia (Lucky Dube)
Mbuvi Mulei (Bob Marley)
Sila Kaloki (Sizla Kalonji)
Lilian Waeni(Lil Wayne)
Malia Kalee (Mariah Carey)
Klisi wa Mbooni (Chris Brown)…..hehehe lol…..
Muthoni- They are polite and quiet but get pregnant a lot.

Wanjiku- most are beautiful.

Wangare- They talk a lot!

Wangui- They act like they know it all.

Nyambura- A little bit shady.

Wairimu- Very intelligent.

Nduta- They are players.

Shiro- They are drama queens.

Njeri- Cheeky and funny.

Wangeshi- They are caring.

Njoki- They are very holy and close to God.

Washuka- They love sex a lot.

Wambui- Very choosy and secretive.

Nyawira- They love being pampered and coaxed.

Mukami- No nonsense and don’t entertain bullshit!

Nyaguthii- They rarely stick at one place. Always on the go!

Waitherero- Very clean.

Waithera- They have a big heart and very patient.

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