How To Know You Are Cursed: Part 2

November 28, 2012

1. If you download anything from the internet and it Fails at 99% 

2. If you buy a phone for 20k today and the next day the price drops to 12k
3. You go to the restaurant on your first date, and after eating fish, the bone chocks you!
4. After working for 30 days, you get fired without salary
5. If you take cheat into the exam hall, and cant understand your own handwriting
6. If u scope girl, take her to your room 4 action and junior does not stand
7. If after using a strong heavy perfume, your body odour still remains stronger than RAID
8. If after Photoshopping your Picture, you still look ugly
9. If You Break-Up With Your Bf and he wins 100M UGX the next day!
10. If the person that you were cursing out in traffic turns out to be the one interviewing you for a job
11. If U lied to Armed robbers that u don’t have a phone, then it rings

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