Hilarious Citizen TV Breaking News

November 26, 2012
What started as a collection of the funny Citizen TV’s news headlines, quickly transformed into a mockery of how often the station gives coverage to its owner SK Macharia. Though in an exaggerated manner, tweeps came up with some of the likely headlines during Citizen TV’s news, bringing into life the hash tag #Citizentvbreakingnews. Below are some of the best.

Babu denies ever having told Swaleh Mdoe any of those stories.”

Louis the pest dies of malaria!!!”

S K Macharia is buying ice cream.. Vendor: Tell us of the experience..

Royal Media Chairman SK now registers as a voter

S.K. Macharia has just shaved his armpits to go with is fading hairline

Ole Kiyapi visits a dentist. Stay tuned to follow this life-changing story.

Viewers realize Johnston Mwakazi’s accent is FAKE. Alex Chamwada brings you this shocking discovery.”

SK Macharia now changing diapers of his granddaughter. Our senior reporter ………. joins us shortly from his home

CCK Reduces Calling rates.Stay tuned as Michelle Morgan analyses how this will affect the Call Of Nature.

S.K Macharia’s phone has run out of charge!More to follow

SK Deletes all his text messages.

SK donates hair to charity.

Mwai Kibaki caught on camera playing angry birds in a peace summit

Citizen At 9 anchor Tom Mboya has CBD street named after him. Janet Mbugua is live on the scene.

Chris Brown is reportedly off twittersphere, Janet mbugua and @WillisRaburu will be live from the US shortly

Citizen presenters ordered to say “ROR” instead of “LOL”. Stay tuned for this and more

Willis Raburu has finally broken his voice, Alex Chamwada with full story

The sun to set at 6.23pm and not at 6.21pm as earlier indicated. Details to follow.

Mama Lucy Kibaki reappears, slaps VP

Gor fans spotted drinking Tusker.Bernand Ndong with the details

Kamenchu visits the lingerie shop. Will she buy some panties? Stay tuned to find out.

SK Macharia to receive a honorary degree from Inoorero university for his service to Wanjiku. We will be live

Today, Facebook was a trending topic on Twitter

Julie Gichuru forgets her handbag in the studio

S.K Macharia just turned oh his Mahogany bed.No squeaks were heard

An Angry mob kills an adulterous woman in Kiambu. Attempts to reach the adulterous woman for comments were futile.

S.K Macharia has been spotted brushing his teeth.

Citizen Tv’s News chopper blows off Belinda Obura’s wig. Mrs Kanene up next with those news.

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