Very Funny Questions From KCSE 2012

October 23, 2012
Below are some of the best unedited tweets from the hashtag #KCSE2012, that was trending whole day yesterday

History:Who are the original speakers of the “Xaxa xweety” language?the Xhoisan or Facebook users in Kenya? 

Kenya funerals are used mainly for: (a) Campaigning (b) Campaigning (c) Campaigning (d) Campaigning (2 marks
Titrate 250ml of bluemoon and 300ml of kibao vodka.Calculate the moles of ARVS in the solution. 

Using soap and a clear Konshenz, describe the chemical reactions that result in Gal a Bubble.  

MATHS: If Jeff Koinange’s bench is always smoking, Calculate the number of guests it will take for it to burn completely. 

Maths pp1…mwende is paid 5000 to tilt his mouth for an hr…calculate hw much kiraitu is paid 

If Pifwoli Wakoli Has 3White Palls, 2 Kreen Palls And 4 Plue Balls In A Pascket; What Is The Propapility Of Him Picking A Mango? 

Give reasons why Rongai was kicked out of COMESA 

John was sent to the shop to buy mangoes and oranges if x=mangoes y=oranges x+2y=10 2x+4y=16 qn.what is the name of the shopkeeper 

physics paper2:john has 4 mangoes he eats two and gives one to jane. Calculate the volume of the sun. 
explain why guys who wear skinny jeans n supra never get laid  

Give the scientific name of the bird found in twitter Logo and explain why it cant fly.

GHC:what does Yash pal Ghai’s daughter call her father? >> Ghai fafa…hahaha

if a container containing a range rover leaves mombasa at 3pm at what time will gumo steal it ?

calculate the probability of finding a kenyan MP weighing less than 70kgs(99mks)

Mwanaume ni effort, name the load and pivot. 

Does the spade really care what we call it?!!! 

calculate how many kilojoules Madtraxx uses to ‘Get down’  

Considering his love for silverware, discuss why judas would not be an Arsenal supporter (20 marks)

Calculate a broke guy’s speed from M-pesa shop, on receiving cash from a wrong number,and he hasn’t paid rent 

calculate the size of Rick Ross’ shirt in acres.”  

using ohms, calculate the resistance a Kenyan government official offers before resigning.

Biology pp2 essay Define the term MOMO and state its causes (15mks)]
Does the new constitution allow Citizens of Rongai to acquire dual citizenship? Discuss (20 Marks)
Which of this is likely to happen first A)Spot 5 chicks at JKUAT B) Arsenal Win a Trophy.

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