Synovate Staff Threatens To Expose Management’s Night Meetings With A Presidential Candidate

October 2, 2012

‘Whistle Blower’ Waiting For Ipsos President For The Complete Spilling Of The Beans

Yesterday, we received an email message from a supposed staff member at Ipsos Synovate, who alleges that some top managers have been receiving money from a leading presidential candidate, to doctor opinion polls. Part of the mail reads, Ever since when did we do opinion polls on CATI. We have all the information of all the night meetings between yourself, the management and some presidential aspirants”

The email author continues to say that the opinion polls are doctored in a realistic manner, not arousing clear discrepancies and in a realistic way. Apparently, the candidate is made to gain considerable ground slow but sure, despite the situation on the ground being different. 
The author continues to write how staff members from certain tribes in Operations department were sacked, since they were believed to be sympathetic to their fellow tribes men contesting for the big seat. 

The author promises to expose the corrupt managers when Ipsos president visits. We are out to expose you. Wait until the president for ipsos comes we will spill the beans.”

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