BBC Names Nairobi Traffic Jams As Worst In The World

October 1, 2012

A report by the BBC titled, ’10 Monster Traffic Jams From Around The World’ names Kenya as one of the worst places to own a car. 

Other cities included in the list are: 
– Bangkok, Thailand
– Jakarta, Indonesia
– Manila, Philipines 
– Mumbai, India
– Kampala, Uganda
– Lexington, Kentuck, US
– Austin, Texas, US
– Seoul, South Korea
– Dhaka, Bangladesh

The reason for the traffic snurl ups in Nairobi is given as the numerous round abouts put in place by the British colonialists. It goes further to state, 

Unpredictable traffic is the way of life here. Even if a place is only a kilometre away, you are safer leaving your house an hour ahead of time or even just walking. But laziness and pride makes walking to be frowned upon. The worst traffic jams are every Friday – when it rains even a little, you can even sleep in the road.”

Full List Here

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