All DSTV Channels Free For Everyone

September 23, 2012

For A Few Minutes Before Snitches Alerted @DStv_Kenya

Last night, DSTV subscribers were treated to a rare ‘all channels free’ moment after everything ‘opened up’. What was previously thought to be an isolated case of a few lucky customers, turned out to be a continent wide phenomena. Subscribers around Africa took to social media to inform the world about their discovery. Some were encouraging their friends to take advantage and watch ‘Discovery Channel in HD’, while others were simply mocking their not so privileged friends.
However, the joy of free channels lasted for only one hour.
The Pay TV company recently announced changes in channel numbers and it was speculated that the move could have brought about some ‘technical difficulties’. There was also the lot that saw the move as a marketing stunt to make subscribers pay for the expensive packages, after witnessing first hand what they contain. 
The following are some tweets from last night.
BREAKING NEWS: All dstv channels r open…tune 2 any1 ryt nw n enjoy full bouque jare!
Error or sweet kindness….DSTV has forgotten we dint pay 10k. Check ur channels folks. May dis error or kindness remain 4eva n eva!!!  

Enjoy it whille it last.All dstv channels r showin.. No matter ur bouquet…

Hi @DSTV_Kenya, all your channels have been unlocked regardless of the subscription package.We without DSTV cant enjoy this service, assist.  

Call @DStv_Kenya on 0711066000 or 0204236000 Ask them to stop giving free services #SufferersAgainstFreeDSTV XD 
DSTV Moffoz just blockd it???? Hahahahaha…….”
Dstv long time customers know that this is not the first time they have watched free channels regardless of subscription. 
thanx alot snitchess dstv is back to normal 

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