Tanzanians Watched PCEA Women Die And Asked For Money To Help

August 12, 2012

nyinyi wa mama wa Kenya si mtoe hela tuwasaidie

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Kenyan’s habit of robbing accident victims is not unique. It is emerging that after the group of Thika PCEA’s women guild had the fatal accident, Tanzanian youth came in numbers, not to help but to steal their valuables. 
However, unlike Kenya’s accident scenes, Tanzanians were not offering any help. They just stood an watched as the women suffered in agonizing pain. They even asked for money for them to offer their help. 
“A group of locals gathered around us and just stared without doing anything as the victims were crying out for help while others were dying,” said Ms Agnes Muthoni Muhoro, a member of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa Women’s Guild. Agnes was among the ‘Mothers’ on their way to a seminar in Dar es Salaam. 
Another survivor, Ms Margaret Mukora said she heard some people shouting “nyinyi wa mama wa Kenya si mtoe hela tuwasaidie?” (Why don’t you women from Kenya give us some money so that we may help you).”
12 people lost their lives in the fatal accident while several others injured. The Government of Kenya was praised for its quick response after airlifting the victims to Kenyatta National Hospital. Those who lost their lives were taken to the Kenyatta University Funeral Home, helping families avoid complicated travel logistics to and from Tanzania.
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