Prezzo: Stop Cooking Figures, Am Not Getting Paid By ONE

August 13, 2012
Prezzo has finally spoken on the astronomical sums he was purportedly expected to earn as ONE ambassador. According to reports circulating on the internet and appearing on Standard Newspaper magazine pull out, Pulse, Prezzo was to earn over Sh 120 million in a year. He was also to get security guards and diplomatic passports.
Here is a break down of his expected income as per the magazine.
Basic Salary – $40,000 (Sh 3.32 million)
House Allowance – $5400 (Sh 448,000)
Transport Allowance – $6600  (Sh 547,000)
Entertainment  – $5000  (Sh 415,000)
Medical Cover – $10,000 (Sh 830,000)
Net Pay $60,000  (Sh4.98 m) per month tax free
Prezzo has now come out to clarify the issue. He said Pulse cooked up figures as he will be working without pay. Earlier on, the ONE campaign against hunger had issued a statement saying that all ambassadors work on voluntary basis.
Prezzo was appointed ambassador after designing a T Shirt during one of their house tasks. His T Shirt bore the words “Swagger Farmer” and an artistic expression of Africa. The design will be mass produced as part of ONE branded merchandise.

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