Prezzo Shocked By News Of Saitoti’s Death

August 10, 2012

Prezzo Sends His Condolences To The Families

On a previous article, we wrote about the 10 things Prezzo missed while he was locked up at the Big Brother house. One of them was the death of George Saitoti and his assistant Orwa Ojode. On arrival at the airport, journalists asked him to send his condolences to the families, and it turned out he was hearing it from them for the first time.
“What? Are you for real? I did not even know about that. Big brother is one mean person who does not let you get any news from outside.” 
While inside the Big Brother House, housemates are not allowed to have any contact with the outside world. 
He went on to give the families his condolences but was still in shock. “I met Saitoti when I was really young. I had gone for a meeting with my late father and I think he was a very nice man.”
If you did not read what Prezzo missed, Here is the list

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