Maasai Man Finds Used Condom In His Coca Cola Soda

August 7, 2012

1 Billion Africans Sharing A Coke

The Coca Cola Company is in trouble again, days after it was accused of spreading cancer through its drinks. A maasai man, identified as Stephen Saitoti, has sued the Nairobi Bottlers Company after a nauseating experience of finding a used condom in a soda bottle.
The case has been filed before Lady Justice Florence Muchemi, at the Milimani courts.
It is reported that on November 2th 2011, Saitoti bought two sodas from a shop in Ngong township. He went ahead and drunk one but was later in hospital been treated for food poisoning. It is reported that the herdsman is asking for Sh 500 damages he incurred when getting treated.
On his twitter handle, Chris Kirubi, who has a stake at the Nairobi Bottlers Company, came to its defense. He termed the allegations as dirty business tricks.

There is definitely an ongoing hate campaign against Coke. Dirty business tricks.
— Chris Kirubi (@CKirubi) August 7, 2012

As is custom, Kenyans on social media were quick to look at the light side of this. Here are some crazy tweets concerning the very serious allegation.
Open Happiness “@Mbugua_: “: A used condom has been found in a Coca Cola drink by a consumer.” tumbler, bottle or can? o____O”  

Live on the Condom Side of Life RT @SwalehMdoe: A used condom has been found in a Coca Cola drink by a consumer. 

A Consumer just found a Used Condom in a Coca Cola Drink. They were serious when they said “1 Billion Africans sharing A COCK” 

I bet if some people found a condom in their beer bottle,they’d still drink the beer
Ok guys no more talk of that condom in a soda thing. Lets just continue living on the cock side of life.
Hahaha Cock-a-cola..

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