Ugandan MPs To Launch Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)

July 19, 2012
Hon. Muhammad Nsereko
Hon. Muhammad Nsereko, mp for Kampala Central, has declared that he will take his contribution to the new Orange Democratic Party (ODM), a party he has declared he will soon register. It is not yet known if the new party has any ties to Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Party (ODM). The MP joins a growing list of politicians dissatisfied with NRM.
The principle members of the party are not known, but Hon. Muhammad, who is the first to substantiate the claims published by a Uganda tabloid, says the party will be big. He said that he has a big number of legislators on board and the arrangement will soon be made public. According to sources, young NRM mps, who have been fighting for reforms, have been behind this new party. Nsereko invited all Ugandans to join the party.

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