Meet The Real ‘Wanjohi wa Kigogoini’. The Famous Radio Caller.

July 20, 2012

“The Blog ‘Wanjohidaily’ is not by the real Wanjohi wa Kigogoini”

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“The man I’d want for top judge must be a learned person who’s an upstanding member of the society and won’t take bribes. He must also possess at least 10 University degrees!” quips Wanjohi as he talks to a morning show presenter on a Kikuyu FM station, one of the many he calls daily.
22 years old Titus Wanjohi, known to radio stations and fans alike as Wanjohi wa Kigogoini is an interesting young man. Born and bred in the green sprawling hills of Kigogoini village in Tetu Constituency  roughly 8 km west of Nyeri town, he is one of five children of Mr. and Mrs. Shem Ndung’u, small scale farmers in Kigogoini village.
Wanjohi, schooled at  Kigogoini primary, a few meters away from the home he grew up in finishing class eight in year 2004, but due to lack of funds, was unable to continue further. He was employed about 2 years later by a neighbor, Mrs. Alice Murage, where he has worked as a farmhand, a job he holds to date. Wanjohi says his aunt, showed him how to make the radio phone-ins.
He promptly bought himself a phone a few months into employment and started calling in.
The popular young man, always armed with 2 phones, is not choosy and never shies away from calling any Kikuyu FM station, and his comments range from the serious to the downright amusing. “I once called a children’s show and the presenter, of course in jest, called me an old child” (in vernacular) he says as he chuckles.
Most people have problems getting through to radio stations, not him; at least not according to his mother who believes Wanjohi has a magical hand as most of his calls get through after a few tries.
“On average I use between Ksh 100-150 per day with the call-ins, on whatever topic is being discussed, or to just say hallo to fans and friends” he says as the ever present radio hums on.
What does he get from it?
“I get invited to Gospel Music Album launches by friends who have known me through radio where, together with my name gracing their posters, they pay my fare and add a token appearance fee” Wanjohi says.
A story often repeated in his village is a certain M.P, who had attended a relative’s funeral in Kigogoini chanced upon Wanjohi and in their brief talk, asked him what he could do for him.
Apparently, Wanjohi duly replied he only needed a 100 bob worth of credit!
His celebrity status has allowed him to be a guest on radio, and participate in various road shows. With such popularity, one would expect the young man’s everyday life has changed but on the contrary, Wanjohi seems content to just bask in the glory of it all.
“Nothing big has come out of calling with the exception of getting promises for jobs at the various radio stations he calls, ‘as soon as an opening arises’ is the response he gets.
As his uncle Peter Muiruri says, “Wanjohi is a fairly level-headed young man who has not been bitten by the ambition bug as yet, but in our talks, am always encouraging him to aim higher.”  As for Wanjohi himself, his ultimate dream is to work in the hotel industry in whichever capacity, if he could only get a sponsor for his studies.
What is the status of his personal life we ask? Well Wanjohi is still single and searching.” I’ve not been lucky so far, but I want to get married by the end of this year” he boldly declares.
Does he have any close prospects” No, not yet” he says as he gives a shy smile, “I’ve called in to FM stations and said am searching but the reception has been a tad lukewarm.” Asked what kind of woman he’s looking for, he’s quick to add, “She must be a God-fearing kikuyu lady, between ages 22-25, of slim build and medium height, educated and hardworking”. As he turns to go back to his chores, he offers a parting shot to his peers, the youth, “Trust in God and stay away from cheap alcohol and cigarettes, and remember; only hard work pays.”
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