School Teacher Beats Father And Son. (Hilarious)

July 23, 2012
By Charles Ngeno
There was drama at a primary school in Narok South District when a deputy headmaster thrashed a parent and his son.
The teacher, who is described by the students as a strict disciplinarian, is reported to have caned a Standard One pupil a day after warning pupils not to report to school late.
That morning the teacher arrived early in school because he was on duty. Some minutes to 8am, he saw a pupil slinking in through the school gate. When he asked why he was late, the boy did not give a satisfactory answer. 
“Wait for me at the staff room,” he ordered and proceeded to walk round the school compound overseeing morning chores like sweeping the classes and collecting litter.
When he eventually wound his way to the staffroom, the teacher caned the pupil, warned him against coming to school late and sent him to class. But instead of going to class, the little devil went back home.
Passersby say that the moment he walked out of the school gate, he began wailing like he was under a lot of pain.
In no time, he was back accompanied by a short man who turned out to be his father. The duo proceeded straight to the staff room. Without asking what had transpired, the man is said to have asked his son, “Show who among these teachers has beaten you.”
Without hesitation, the little boy pointed at the well-built deputy head teacher.
That’s when things went haywire. The parent reached out for a chebunyo (club) that he had hidden in his trouser by slipping against his thigh and whacked hit the teacher on the head.
So sudden was the attack that instead of coming to his rescue, his colleagues scurried out of the room.
Realising he could be in deep trouble, the deputy headmaster chose to defend himself. He went for the raised club and wrestled it out of the parent’s hand. He then grabbed his assailant, lifted him high in the air, flung down like a sack of potatoes and gave him a serious thrashing.
Typically, pupils who had watched the two enter the compound rushed to the staff room to gawk when they saw their teachers running out like the place was on fire.
Among them was a Standard Eight pupil who happened to be the son of the man who was getting clobbered.  Unable to standby and watch his father get beaten, he too joined the fray. But unfortunately, and adding insult to injury, the teacher was too strong for both of them.
Fortunately, the head teacher quickly arrived and saved the situation from deteriorating further. In any case, word had reached the local education office and in no time, educational officers were racing into the school on motorbikes.
As often happens in many villagers, the two warring groups reconciled after the government officers, church elders and several parents amicably resolved the matter.
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