BBA’s Alex Refuses To Apologize For Nominating Prezzo.

July 31, 2012
alex bba
Kenya’s Big Brother contestant, (now evicted) Alex, has written a letter to his fans to answer claims of bring unpatriotic, after he twice nominated fellow Kenyan, Prezzo for eviction. The only thing Alex apologizes for is missing some words of the national anthem. He feels he did the right thing by nominating Prezzo and it had nothing to do with Kenya, but his private space. He however wishes Prezzo well and adds that he will congratulate him if he wins.
Here is the letter he wrote.

“Hey fam, a lot of issues have arisen since I nominated my countryman for eviction from the BBA Stargame 2012. I wish to give my position on the matter hoping we can make peace and move on with life.

The main beef has been I’m a “traitor”, “unpatriotic” and “not a nationalist”. Fellow Kenyans, I’m nothing close to any of that.

I’m very proud of my nation, I respect my fellow citizens and I always showcase my country at all times. Guys, I was brought up with patriotism, integrity and honesty being drilled in me – And I believe in all those virtues. That’s why I always displayed the Kenyan flag during eviction nights, task presentations and any other opportunities. I don’t have to tell you this but I’ve always had my national flag in my bedroom. Our family sitting room has always had the national flag above the fire place. Our family cars have Kenyan flags at all times- And I strongly believe in my nation.

Some have said I couldn’t sing the national anthem. I apologize to my motherland that I missed the final words of the anthem due to prevailing pressure. But out of my honesty and belief in my country, I immediately repeated the whole stanza and sang it flawlessly. I did not choose to insert my own words to look good. I respect my national anthem.

So the question keeps arising why I nominated my countryman for eviction. My answer is simple and direct: my countryman violated my personal interests and freedom of association. My understanding is that the right of an individual legally executed comes before patriotism, because whoever violates your rights is unpatriotic in the first place. My countryman came across as selfish, hiding luxury items from other housemates including me. He was also unduly aggressive to me. He prevented me from freely associating with a fellow housemate, Goldie, telling me “You don’t know me!”. That’s on record at BBA.

I wish to state that if anyone steps on my legally executed freedom and legitimate interests, then I’ve the right to take any lawful action I deem necessary to safeguard my interests and freedoms. This analysis informed my decision to nominate my country man.

That said, I respect you, you respect me and patriotism comes after me and you recognize that we are both human beings with equal basic rights and freedoms. I love the new constitution of Kenya because it’s very clear on rights and freedoms of citizens.

Fam, my appeal is for peace to prevail and we move on. I have no grudge on Prezzo and if Africa decides he shall be the winner, I’ll congratulate him and be sincerely happy for him.”

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