Uhuru Opens Obama Styled Campaign Headquarters.

June 6, 2012

The National Alliance Set The Bar High, On Election Management.

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta officially opened TNA’s headquarters in Nairobi. The party headquarters are located along the busy Jogoo Road. The offices are strikingly similar to American campaign offices. The space is divided into several work stations (referred to as county stations), each equipped with computers. The office is also quite spacious. There is a neat reception manned by a secretary who answers all your questions. The party colours are everywhere and basically, the place is painted red and white. 
Unlike other parties which have their party headquarters in posh estates, TNA have theirs on a busy road and in the midst of other business premises. Anyone is invited to go for a tour of their premises as well register as a member of the party.
The National Alliance has raised the bar on the way elections are managed not only in Kenya but in Africa. The party launch was splendid to say the least. The organization was praised by all and the setting was marvelous. As we approach the elections, we should wait to see more of this.

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