Jaguar Has A New Toy, Its Big, White And Yes, Its A Range.

June 8, 2012

And Its Sleek Too.

Catch him if you can, Jaguar has a new toy.  First it was Mudavadi with his everything proof Sh 40 million land cruiser, then Turkana mp showed us what to expect when oil money starts flowing, buy buying a black Range Rover. Now Jaguar has a new Range Rover too. The kigeugeu hit maker did not settle for any other range but a Range Rover Sport.
Its silver in colour and he is happy to drive it with its windows rolled down. He was spotted doing his test drive along Uhuru highway, (has he heard of the all smooth, jam free Thika road?). 
Music is finally paying well in Kenya, but we have to give it to Jaguar for his entrepreneurial skills. His businesses probably make him much more than his music. He is said to have a business partner in the name of Mike Sonko, who by the way, recommended him to the Makadara electorate as his preferred mp. 

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