Some Weird Looking Vegies. AMAZING.

April 4, 2012

Love You Too..

An old woman, Sue, was pulling up some carrots from her kitchen garden when she came across a ‘lovely’ pair. 60 year old Sue decided not to eat the couple but instead put them on display in her kitchen. 
She said: ‘It looked like two carrots having a cuddle and I just thought it was lovely. We couldn’t eat it, it was “in love” and you can’t eat a carrot in love, that’s cruel.
In the picture, one carrot is seen embracing the other warmly. Sue said that she planted all carrots in a similar manner but all the others grew normally. 
Some time back, a woman had dug up another weird looking carrot, this time in the shape of a baby. The only difference between it and an actual baby was the absence of arms.

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