Kenyan Campuses And Their Facebook Fan Pages.

April 21, 2012

University Fan Pages.

If you want to find the most social media savvy people, then look no further than institutions of higher learning. University students are known to spend half their time on their hand helds, and the other half doing everything else. The vast majority have phones that can access the internet and the few that don’t are waiting for the next HELB disbursement to procure one. To further entice students to join social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and lately twoo, university administrations have embarked on building new computer labs and purchase of computers. That may explain why university fan pages are some of the most popular pages in Kenya, only rivaled by politicians, public figures and media houses. 
Leading the pack is Kenyatta University, whose ‘its only in KU’ page has over 13,500 likes. The page is used to inform KU students on the latest concerning their institution. Students also use the ready audience to advertise their merchandise. It is also the perfect place if you are looking for that light moment. Recently, during the students elections, candidates used it as a platform to sell their policies. The fan page is run by a very dedicated admin, referred to as Gidi. His ability to be always on the know on matters Kenyatta university is perhaps the biggest reason behind the largest University fan page in Kenya. 
Still on KU, another page, Haga za KU, is very popular. It in fact has more fan than ‘its only in KU’ , but for obvious reasons. As of this writing, the likes were more than 18,400. 
University of Nairobi has Comrades Forum, which basically serves the purpose of informing its students. as of this writing its profile picture shows some students demonstrating. It has slightly over 5000 members. 
Virtually all universities have their own Facebook groups or fan pages. Most campuses have several, which means the number of fans for each is limited. However the common aspect of all this pages is their use as tools to inform the students of respective universities the happenings of their campuses.

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