Jimmy Gait, "I’m Not Gay".

March 19, 2012
Gospel artist Jimmy Gait, has denied rumours that he is gay. Many people have been speculating that the furi furi singer was not straight owing to his preferred mode of dressing, which mostly consists of skinny jeans. Just recently, one of his followers on Twitter, going by the screen name Michael Maina, claimed to have had an affair with him. 
“I was shocked to see that on my twitter mentions but then again I cannot stop people from talking. It’s quite disgusting and the thought of being with another man makes me sick. I have a very beautiful girlfriend whom I’ve been dating for a while now. I was not planning to let it out because I treasure my private life,” Jimmy Gait told the Star. 
On his skinny jeans, Jimmy Gait said, 
  “I love fashion and as a public figure I need to look nice and comfortable. Just because I love colour and skinny jeans should not be a reason to speculate about my sexuality,”
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