Kenyatta University’s Expensive Students’ Campaigns.

March 19, 2012

A Student campaigns in a stretch limo at kenyatta university.
Kenyatta university is holding their students elections this week. This years Kenyatta University Students Association, (KUSA) elections are no different from the previous years in terms of number of aspirants, but they are strikingly different when it comes to amount of campaign money. Candidates are reported to be pouring money freely on their supporters. In previous years, elections in Kenyan universities have been alleged to be influenced by national politicians with some funding campaigns for specific individuals. This year however, such allegations have not surfaced in Kenyatta University yet.
The leaders of Kenyan Universities have over the years enriched themselves owing to the connections they create with national leaders, either in business or in politics. University of Nairobi’s Sonu president, Babu Owino,23, was recently featured by the Daily Nation over his millionaire lifestyle. He has to his name several sport cars and various businesses. His source of wealth, though a guarded secret is rumoured to be partly from his connections with politicians. Any politician would be attracted to the large number of voters big universities like UoN and KU posses.


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