Facebook Threatens To Sue Mark Zuckerberg.

December 17, 2011

Facebook is threatening to sue Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, you read right, Mark Zuckerberg. An Israeli entrepreneur  recently changed his name from Rotem Guez to “Mark Zuckerberg.” Guez now Zuckerberg launched a ‘like store’ that sold Facebook “likes” to companies, a violation of the social networking site’s policies. In early December, Guez formerly announced his change of name to Zuckerberg, and posted pictures of his Id and Passport on his site.
A week after the change of name, Facebook lawyers wrote to him demanding he ceases to violate their terms or they take legal action. Mark Zuckerberg is meanwhile accumulating more likes on his I’m Mark Zuckerberg Facebook page.
So will Facebook make good their threat and sue Mark Zuckerberg, Lets wait.

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