Bad start For Kajairo’s New Music Show.

December 9, 2011
Kajairo is back. Mr. Kajairo will now be hitting your screens every Thursday night. Many of us are familiar with Thursday nights from the times of Churchill live and now with the uncertainty of whether the most watched TV show in Kenya’s history will be back on our screens, NTV has allocated Kajairo the 7:40 pm time slot. Kajairo new project is simply what he is known for, ‘spoiling lyrics’.
The first night of Kajairo’s music comedy was badly received from all quarters and justifiably so. Seriously speaking, it was a total mess and everything went wrong. From the content to the lighting to the sound, it couldn’t have been worse. The comments that followed later on social media were pathetic and disheartening. It is now a battle between Kajairo’s music comedy and Eric Omondi’s Hawayuu over who lasts longer on TV.

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