Ruto Denys Affair With Emmy Kosgei As Churchill Mentions his Sexcapede story.

June 16, 2011
Eldoret North member of parliament has strongly denied having any affair with Emmy Kosgei the award winning Taunet nelel singer. Some time, back popular weekly gutter newspaper, TheWeekly Citizen reported that the mp had been seeing Emmy behind his wife’s back. Ruto was brave enough to mention Emmy Kosgei by her name. He then went ahead and danced to her tune and clearly he could be seen to know the words.

Still on the Emmy Kosgei matter, Churchill for the first time spoke about his alleged sex escapades, also reported by the same gutter paper. When Ruto talked about his alleged love life with Emmy, Churchill, as if sympathizing with the MP, briefly mentioned how they had also written  about him some time back. Though it was all in a single sentence, it is the first time Dan Ndambuki has been heard mentioning about it in public.

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