If you have not heard about Public Likes, you probably don’t have Whatsapp. Their links are spreading like wildfire, and its all on the promise of quick, easy money.

Kenyans are not only used to getting conned, but I think they actually enjoy it.

First and foremost, the rule of the thumb is that anyone promising you money for doing nothing or almost nothing, is probably lying. And it explains why the victims of such schemes are almost always the financially unstable. Most of the people who have money understand that it doesn’t just fall from the sky.

So what is this Public Likes?

Basically, it is a website that pays you to view adverts… yeah, really.

When you create an account, you get the starter plan that gives you 5 adverts to view every day. For each of these adverts, Ksh10 ($0.1) is credited to you. So you can easily make Sh50 ($0.5) per day.

But there’s a catch. You can only withdraw your money once you reach Sh2500.

At a rate of Sh50 per day, it will take you 50 days. The prospects are not very lucrative as you can see.

But the ‘considerate’ fellows at Publiclikes have a work around for this problem. If you want to bring down the number of days it takes you to get paid, you simply upgrade to the ‘Basic’ account.

After paying Sh4500, your daily viewing limit is increased five fold to 25. Now you have the potential to make Sh250 ($2.5) per day.

Assuming you log in every day, it will now only take you 10 days for your first payout, and about 18 days to recoup your money. Remember we live in a world where making 10% of your invested money per year is considered decent. And someone is promising you 100% in 18 days.

With this Basic package, you can potentially make Sh7500 per month.

But what if you want to ‘earn’ even more? Once again, the ‘considerate’ guys at Public likes have a workaround.

For only Sh14,000, you can upgrade to a Premium, account. Here your daily limit is raised to 50 ads per day, meaning you can potentially make Sh15,000 per month. Everything else after the first month is pure profit.

But what if you want to make even more money? It so happens there is the Gold plan where you have a daily limit of 100 adverts. Your monthly income will be Sh30,000, but for this you have to pay Sh90,000.

Meaning everything after your 3rd month is pure profit.

They also claim to pay you to like Facebook pages, but I did not find this option while preparing this article.

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Why Public Likes is a Scam

1. The advertising eco-system does not work like this.

Advertisers do not pay for their ads to be shown to paid people. They pay for their adverts to be displayed to relevant people. For example, if a hotel decides to advertise, they will target people who have an interest in this service, eg. travellers, tourists etc. Google and Facebook for example have a way of knowing what you have been searching, which explains why you are always bombarded by relevant ads on these two platforms.

Paying a jobless person in some cyber cafe to view your advert makes no sense to any business.

2. The pay is too high.

Worldwide, advertising rates are measured per 1000 views (most of the time). Meaning the advertiser negotiates a rate with the media company for every 1000 times their ad is viewed. There is a lot of science that goes into this, but the average in the US is around $5. That means the advertiser pays $5 (Sh500) every 1000 times their ad is viewed.

It so happens that the United States rates are the best in the world. Here in Kenya, this rate is constantly under $1 (Sh100). Often it’s as little as $0.5.

Then comes along Public Likes. For a single view, they are paying Sh10 ($0.1). That means for 1000 views, they are paying Sh10,000 ($100). Without exaggeration, Public Likes is the best paying company on earth.

3. Faulty Mathematics for Business

Serious companies do their mathematics and risk calculations right. In Public Likes case, there’s a big discrepancy between the Premium plan and the Gold plan. 

You pay Sh90,000 for the Gold plan, and will only break even after the 3rd month, and henceforth earn Sh30,000 a month.

However, if you buy 6 premium plans at Sh14,000 each (Sh84,000 total), you will break even after only 1 month, and henceforth make a total of Sh90,000 a month. You can use your friends and family’s phone numbers to accomplish this.

4. This not new.

There are literally hundreds of examples online. The best example is SocialTrade that stole over $500 million from 7 million Indians. The similarities between these two are shocking. Read the story on this link if you don’t believe.

And the thing is, this Indian scam was paying Sh1 per like, not the Sh10 being offered by Public Likes.

Why is Public Likes paying?

Well, as with any pyramid scheme, the first people are paid in a bid to lure in more.

The guys behind this site most likely had a big budget to start with, which they paid the first people. These first people then spread all the referral links you’ve been seeing around, and more people join.

Then these new people start paying to upgrade their packages, and before long, most of the country is looped in.

One morning, halfway through your Sh90,000 plan, you log in to Public Likes and you’re greeted by a 503 error. 

I don’t know when the fun will end, but believe me it will. And there will only be one winner.

So, Is Public Likes a Scam? YES IT IS…. A BIG ONE.

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  • Justin Nyambane Caesar

    on the gold plan you earn 30 K a month directly from your own actions and earn 4 bob per action from your employees who have to be at least 50 (accounts) (50*25*4*30) = 150000 monthly

  • Brian

    Thank you for that I was to fall victim.

    • Pasfire Pasmoto

      what victim?

      • miriam

        My account is locked for no good reason.

  • Moses Sonoty

    If ur afraid of risk taking u’ll never b rich,
    I have earned back my cash
    And i am greatly convinced this is not a scam

    • nairobiwire

      That’s the spirit. Please bookmark this link.

      • ckayhektoh

        I don’t know whether to call this extreme innocence or stupidity 🙁
        i weep… nahh jk!

      • Moses Sonoty

        Stop being a victim of negativity bro,
        Always encourage the less fortunates like m
        Also to reach you level
        For meantime u too can side hustle with m together

    • Richard Burtler

      Very soon you will be a millionaire…keep going on!

      • notpyrk

        Cant wait.. haha

    • Naswa Co-Principal

      Good luck as you strive to become a millionaire through Public Likes rather than hardwork. I’ll personally pray for you

      • Moses Sonoty

        My friend even the president have a side hustle
        Don’t think even this is a easy as you may think
        You wil feel challenged if u join us one time
        I work hard and i too have some serious businesses i am doing
        So stop your negativity a make money 😄😄😄

    • Richard Burtler

      There is a big difference between risk takers and smart thinkers. Rich people are both risk takers and smart thinkers and invest their money wisely not in get-rich-quickly schemes! If you’re just a risk taker…start thinking smart too!

  • Moses Sonoty

    Don’t blackmail others just because u have seen a potentiallity in becoming rich through this

  • Moses Sonoty

    Is making 50bob daily that big deal with no money u have invested ??
    This so called nairobi wire don’t mislead people
    Any one with a quiz to ask m via this n:0712345549o about this programme

  • Moses Sonoty

    This is my yrue testimony 2 yrust this public likes
    Was just paid last week this amount
    LJ219BEM37Confirmed.You have received Ksh9,284.00 from M-PAYER 531301 on 26/5/17 at 10:47AM New M-PESA balance is Ksh10,287.06. Buy goods with M-PESA.

    • nairobiwire

      Read the last paragraph of the article.

      • Tariq

        why dont you read it ursef first. lol

    • Drwawifi

      Yes you are getting paid…no one disputes that….however this is all going to end when the money from ‘new investors’ is not enough to pay all those who started using public likes earlier….PUBLIC LIKES IS BAD BUSINESS…!

      • Isaac Njuguna

        what is there to lose so long as you are getting paid and you only need internet to earn?

      • Lÿóñ Mãrk Lèé

        i understand your resilience into this matter trying to play super girl …why do u care if i lose money or not why are u discouraging people u say its unethical to invest but is it ethical for u to earn money by discouraging people with your blog……

  • KN Nashon

    This is true of a scam (Ponzi scheme) but the question is…when will it fall. My opinion, risk average and earn big while it flourishes, after some times (say one year or two) withdraw from it (The addictive effect is goes against that). I would advice to invest on it for a short period and withdraw.

  • Naswa Co-Principal

    You’re right. The link I was given ain’t working now. This is what I’m getting:

    The resource cannot be found.

    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    Requested URL: /login.aspx

    The URL isn’t even secure. A secure URL has https not http. It’s easy to lose your personal and confidential information including your passwords and credit/debit card information. Kenyans let’s not fall to this

  • The moment a friend sent me such a test with a referral link..I saw a scam loading. My fast check on the website registration yielded this results:

    “The site is hosted in Singapore by 80 Robinson Road. The domain for the website was purchased through Go Daddy on 29 March 2017 (2 months ago) and will expire in 1 year 9 months.”
    The age of the domain is also a being reason to worry!
    But as always Kenyans will remain to be Kenyans! Ready to be taken to the slaughterhouse!

    • Drwawifi

      So the scam is roughly two months old unless they switched from another domain which is common with such scams…no wonder people are still arguing that it’s legit….let’s just wait and see…those who have ears let them heed the warnings!

      • Kavuwa Nzomo Brian

        Well put. From what I know in Business, even the most successfully ones, they took sensible risk to succeed. This deal is just too good to be true.

      • Wufwuf!

        The problem is that there are too many idiots. They never learn.

  • The research for this post is shallow. Does the author know anything about PTC? The payments are high because they are rolling out the service. As many people join I expect the rates to drop down. Remember they require the traffic.

    • Gudd Kidd

      thank you!!! finally someone sharp is here!

    • Wufwuf!

      Tick tock goes the clock. Utakuja lilia kwa choo.

  • Gudd Kidd

    1. any investor must take risks, and Kenyans are risking it. they are go-getters.
    2. they are investing 4500 bob and many including myself have returned that investment. within two weeks max. mine was within 5days, because theres extra stuff you can do to earn more
    3. you are not being paid for doing nothing. the fool who wrote this article is looking for web traffic, use your common sense. you are being paid, for clicking an ad. those of us who have worked online and still do know what PPC (Pay per click) and PTC (Pay to click )ads are. kama hujui google you fool.
    4. PL is not a pyramid scheme. the author of this article is quick to give incorrect info without proper fact finding. thats not a journalist, thats a blogger who is looking for web traffic. again if you have workd online you know what pushing web traffic means.kama hujui google you fool. pyramid schemes ni izo vitu mama zenyu hufanya….kama the FOREVER supplements and GNLD stuff. we are not selling vitamin pills on public likes.
    5. I personally risked my 4500 into the hustle. this money has been recovered and i am making pure profit now, so scam or not, as long as i get paid, without any deductions. and that happens every friday. yes i am paid every friday.
    6. you are risking 4500, not 45k. and i wouldnt really call it a risk for anyone who wants to join.The early subscribers like me already took that risk for you cowards and we have proved its legit.

    so while you are busy thanking the fool who wrote this article for ‘saving you from a scam’, we (yes there are many) are earning from that thing you call ‘scam’.

    • DAVID kariuki

      this world is for the radicalized people and most may not get this bro. i invested more n getting crazy returns.. but this is good criticism coz the more they shy out the longer we get paid more…

    • Kache Salim

      Can you share what other stuff apart from the liking of ads…. Mimi nishatake io risk

      • Gudd Kidd

        there are all sorts of ways to earn on PL. explore the site and see for yourself

    • azonto

      Lemme know how the hussle takes you. You seem to become a millionaire soon. Bravo!

      • Gudd Kidd

        who said something about millions you fool. i am saying it sustains. You know its true what they say, IF YOU WANNA HIDE SOMETHING FROM AN AFRICAN, DO IT IN WRITING. clearly u have not understood what you read you monkey

        • azonto

          Let’s see how this takes you. No need of calling strangers names. Remember there’s nothing like a free lunch. Nobody gets paid to do nothing. Maybe only monkeys like me understand that you have to work to earn.

        • Drwawifi

          Just because you are getting returns does not mean it is not a scam…please note:

          • kiddy

            returns is the most important thing to consider

        • Isaac Njuguna

          good for you. as long as you have earned your many back and still earning more, you have nothing to lose if the website disappears any time.

      • Eti Uthakima.

        haha. Every gullible kenyan thinks he can become a millionaire by clicking ads. ile ujinga iko hapa kenya jameni.

        • Drwawifi

          Hata mimi nashangazwa na hawa wenzangu hawaoni ukweli!….we should have a national exam for allowing people to use the Internet hhe!

  • DAVID kariuki

    Please please please.. Heed the advice
    given here but act on your own intuition… they may be right they may not.. if
    you benefit good for you. If you cant take a risk be safe but let the free will
    of the people be let free.. my brethren i may just go to java and spend the
    4500 then head u know where and ill never get the money back. Hence if I put it
    as an investment at public likes and it tumbles down in 3months time, what’s
    the loss?

    If a bank can close down what cant?

    If you can be fired from you work place, or even fire consumes your own
    business, what is safe in this world other than your faith?

    I joined guys as a joke on April 10, and as a investor I invested in this like
    i was crazy, but the main word here isn’t crazy but INVESTED.. 3 months
    down the line, am still investing in it. This time round, not with my own
    capital but with the gains I get there..

    I don’t want to say how much I get but for the risk analysts here tell me where
    does my risk portfolio stand at if say invested ksh200,000/= then.

    But thank you Nairobi Wire for the heads.

  • Bob Mwethi

    I would first of all like to thank the blogger of this site.Maze kudos sana.The more people will shy out the longer we will be getting paid.It may be a scam but we still getting paid,you think it’s too good to be true,am still getting paid,join me,we both get paid,shy out,I still get paid.You can’t be rich if are not a risk taker.The first people who joined SBC before it became a scam are millionaires at the moment.SBC became a scam after one year so I think this PL will become a scam next year of which we would be balling like shit.Take this once in a lifetime opportunity or don’t I will still get paid.

    • Drwawifi

      Money from such schemes is almost similar to corruption proceeds…it’s ‘earned’ in an unethical manner

    • Esther Kagathi

      mr. bob are you sure they pay. for now their website is not working already an error is appearing. am so worried my 4500 is gone

      • Bob Mwethi

        I think you are using Google Chrome,even mine isn’t working.Try using another browser

    • Denna Lolah

      This situation sounds similar to the 2nd coming of Jesus!! Only few people will see the Glory of heaven. Meanwhile,, we who’ve seen the benefits of this “scam” watch from a distance😋😋😋

  • charity gee

    Whether a scam or not ….long as I have recovered my 4500 and still earning, I don’t care where it collapses tomorrow.

  • kamai

    Kuogopa Ni kukaribisha umaskini. How many times have I bet n lost? Life is a gamble n u have to gamble. U travel n how many risks are there as u travel let Kenyan risk I have 10 account that makes me earn 5000 a day n 150k a month I have a grt circulation of money without counting in the referral. So u r not making sense.

    • Zawadiah Allan

      hello can you please share with us

  • Kamau Joseph Kimindiri

    At around 7pm, some tenants called the police who forced the occupants out. But a few played cat and mouse with the police, and by Tuesday afternoon, it was feared that they were still trapped under the debris.

    These are the kind of people you are trying to rescue here. Let the remain in the building if they so wish

  • Moses Sonoty

    I thank whoever showed m this job,i can now earn good money with my phone,those who claim this is a scam like this nairobi nigga to continue as to m i c myself already a millionaire,in kenya the rich does not love to c the poor reach their level because they won’t b praised but want a poor man to b his or her slave by paying him or her a mere 50$ a month
    My friend don’t b a greedy man by discouraging others on the best platform to find their own financial freedom
    For whoever prays for his or her enemy to die shall just see the enemy prosper
    My rating to public likes is 96%
    Here you claim to fear 4r your 4500/= or even 14000/=,but you get the money by end month if employed,consume it or make your savings to go buy a smart phone you saw Wanjiru or Otieno with,with your excitement to own a new phone,u chat with your broke girlfriend or boyfriend begging for some cash out as you aboard a Githurai 45 bound bus along River road,then with 100% attention to your smart phone,u forget to close the window and a hungry thirsty Njugush from Kayole smashes your newly gotten smart phone.Leaving u hopeless as you pop out your hawk-like eyes to c how u have just lost your long time savings of 15,000 go with no trace.
    My friend you’d better b attending some medication in Mathari mental!!!

  • jamo wa movie


  • Twahir Mohamed

    Oh yes, I am in public likes and I have been paid back my full amount. I am earning Profit now, 4th month! Let them call it a scam, but I have invested, earned my money back and still esrning more! You call everything a scam ok? Then let’s meet at Sarit, coz am coming shopping there next month! Cheers!

    • simiyu.r@live.com

      pyramid scams rewards the few members who joined early at the expense of new members. this is to attract and recruit more members.
      The all thing will collapse one day and millions will be stolen. if you have made money from them. i advice you to withdraw and dont reinvest or you’ll lose everything.

      • Wufwuf!

        Never wrestle with a pig in the mud. Once a sucker, always a sucker.

    • Felix

      😂 😂 😂 next month you said? I doubt if you can still brag here


    lakini mi najua mkenya kukaa scammed ni ngori sana…kwanza mimi hustler!! ni kusonga na hyo 50 bob yao,,wakifunga wafunge…wakiacha nifikishe 25oo/= mimi hawanioni tena.

    • Rachael Rae

      ni wewe tuko pamoja na hako ka fifty

  • Kevin Yule Hustler

    Well people are going to get rich no matter the circumstances. Rates will surely go down after they gain traffic but as for now they really are paying people. Watakaokuja later wote watakuwa scammed as usual. For now its profits.

  • Jane

    There are so many types of websites like public likes doing the same thing all over the world. We are very late to join this party. Furthermore, you have not given one concrete reason why you think it’s a scam. You’ve only given us your opinion. So bye felicia.

    • I sense a victim here, waiting earnestly for the 90K paycheck. Continue waiting my dear sister.

      • Drwawifi


        • Lÿóñ Mãrk Lèé


    • Drwawifi

      Early ‘investors’ in pyramid schemes do benefit while the rest who join after with hopes of making money too, all ‘go down with the ship’ eventually!…Invest wisely Jane…public likes is not a wise investment.

      • Jane

        Hold on while I write down all this sage advice from y’all seers. Since you can see the future, you should let us know what’s the next big thing so we can invest. Or you know, tell it to someone who cares.

    • Danson James Mundia

      why do u pay to get better reward per click…? Why are u paying them!!!!! You dont pay to get employed. Thats the problem.

  • rufinus ondieki

    U dont get it mate.
    This is basically a Click farm, PTC(paid to click) site where companies/celebs “buy” Facebook pages, twitter followers, Instagram followers etc to get a reputation of having many followers. There are many PTC click farms and public likes is one of them. They simply act as middlemen btn the comanies/celebs and users (clickers)..
    It’s against TOS for Fcbk, Twtter, IG for its users to buy likes/followers because they’re considered spam clicks, but Click farms use sophisticated methods to avoid fraud algorithms detecting their malicious activities, thus stay under the radar most times and run their “business” without detecting.
    So companies pay click farms for likes,and the click farms recruit an army of clickers to do the job for a portion of pay.
    So, Public likes could be running a legitimate business, but the worst case scenario is being shut down by FTC (Federal Trade Commission) when its activities get too much, or social companies report them.

  • Drwawifi

    This is a very good and timely article.Most informed Kenyans have been shouting this from the beginning but an article on a big site like this will ensure the information reaches a wider audience.We know a good number of people have/are making money from this but it’s worth noting you are making money by supporting and promoting an unethical and bad business that basically pays you using money collected from other easily gullible Kenyans, hence making you lure others to this TRAP/SCAM/CON….If you feel like investing in Public Likes after reading the above article …go ahead but please stop luring/inviting/calling other gullible Kenyans to this shady business.

  • Isaac Njuguna

    My argument is this, so long as I have been earning from clicking the ads, I have nothing to lose even if the website will be closed in the far or near future.

    • Wufwuf!

      Good for you. As long as some other idiot is gonna be scammed you don’t give a damn. It doesn’t matter if a family gets auctioned or thrown out of their house because they lost their life savings in this scam. What kind of twisted idiotic thinking is this? Idiot.

      • Isaac Njuguna

        idiot your self son of bitch. I never asked for your opinion empty head

        • Wufwuf!

          You still get my opinion upende usipende. Morons like you misleading others here deserve to be called out. Go get your money stolen. Shit head.

  • Entreprenuer Kasiti

    Whoever wrote this article is a real FOOL, there is no content in your blog I’m waiting for the time kenyan bloggers will write something useful , u r the same the same guys who spoil the names of celebrities by associating them with things that aren’t​ true especially sexual activities & edited photos, kenyan bloggers are idlers & ATTENTION seekers spamming Facebook with your links to stories that don’t have content , STYLE UP .we know you are trying to get our ATTENTION so that you can pull traffic on your website.PUBLICLIKES is paying get it from me. I’m sure this people of Nairobi wire have also realized they are wasting time blogging & joined PUBLICLIKES to improve their financial status let Kenyans earn let, the company grow, even sportpesa was highly criticised in 2014 right now it’s still there.

    • Wufwuf!


  • Dennis Danta Mashweezy

    is it true that if i have two accounts using the same number that my money wont withdraw?

    • Dominic Gichuhi

      Yes. I high suspect it won’t

  • Luide Kakembo

    The typos in the site are a dead giveaway of something fishy. Lorem ipsum, really? Please go for the gold plan, why stop at Premium?

  • Dominic Gichuhi

    There is nothing to loose once you get back what you used to upgrade. Good thing is these guys are paying. So its the earlier birds that are catching more and more worms.

  • Peter Nyamato

    This is a pure SCAM. Tried to cash out for the first time on Friday, the limit for payment, which was Monday, has passed. The customer complaints number provided, 0786418717, is PERMANENTLY SWITCHED OFF, the chat room service, for members to possibly share grievances, was disabled within a week of joining…and there is NO FACE to this joke of a company….DO NOT JOIN take it from me first hand

  • Omollo Dan

    Paid To Click(PTC) companies are real, since publiclikes its a starting company they have to put high rate to attract traffic, in short to advertise their brand of which after getting required number of registered members they will lower payment rates to something like $0.00001. I am not advising any one to join.

  • Felix

    Well apparently it did not take long before the fun turned sour. People are crying foul. Money gone, just like that.

  • Emmanuel Peter

    All is not well with public likes