Apostle Ng’ang’a Delivers A Super Wedding

Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre had his wedding featured on Sunday’s episode of The Wedding Show, aired on Citizen TV. The apostle wed Loise Murugi, a member of his congregation, believed to be in her 20’s. The wedding took place some time last month and we had previously reported about it, with little detail.  

The wedding was full of colour and it was clear that the apostle spared nothing for his big day. The venue was Windsor, known for its high flying clientele. The bride’s grown can be safely assumed to have been in the region of hundreds of thousands to millions of shillings. Ng’ang’a was also expensively dressed in a grey suit cum tux. The theme was purple and the maids looked elegant in their dresses. 

During the entire ceremony, Apostle Ng’ang’a seemed the happier of the two. He was lively as ever, either dancing himself out or doing crazy theatrics. During the taking of the vows, he repeatedly said ‘pesa’, when prompted to say I Do by the presiding priest. For the entire ceremony, Ng’ang’a showed high spirits. When he was not dancing, he was lying flat on the green grass, always making sure that he was the centre of attraction. The whole day, the shy bride’s presence was overshadowed by Ng’ang’a’s confidence and antics. 

To make the day as memorable as he could, the Range Rover Sport driving preacher had a full police escort, complete with outriders as part of his convoy. He had also booked the services of several kikuyu gospel musicians. One unique feature of the wedding was the performance by the Vitimbi crew. The apostle himself then did a song that for a moment changed the mood of the ceremony from the previous lively one to one bordering boring. His husky singing voice was not the best addition to the beautiful afternoon. Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, who had joined the guests towards the end then gave a short speech where he said he was pleased that Ng’ang’a was on that day seated waiting to be entertained and not the other way round. Had Kalonzo arrived earlier, he would probably not have made that statement, as Ng’ang’a was in fact the chief entertainer of the day. 
Towards the end, the high table engaged in a period of extensive pouring and washing each other with bottle after bottle of Chamdor. Enough still remained for everyone.

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  • Kathi

    She looked unhappy:(

    • kasupuu

      do u even knw what happiness is??? Hv u ever experienced it:)

    • monakabaibe

      ooh kathy pity u .its luks lyk u wanted 2 b the bride bt unfortunate u wr 2 ugly 2 b noticd by the man.call mi i wl tri huk u up wth a man worth ur price wich surprisingli iz 50ct.i 4gt thy r nt used in kenya anymore unless u r tht hopless 2 gt 1

    • monakabaibe

      u 2 luk glommy 2 mi.i doubt u wl eva b hapi

  • Sarah Mohammed

    Apostle Ng’ang’a is the one who cast out demons but during his wedding he behaved like a real demon.

    • kasupuu

      U r the demon..atleast Apostle Ng’ang’a can cast demons can u??????

    • monakabaibe

      do u knw hw a demon luks lyk.i think i found 1 unexpectly callin herself sarah as a naym

  • Amy

    As the Bible says, Babylon the great (world empire of false religion) who commits fornication with the kings of the earth, lives in shameless luxury or deliciously is soon going to fall. In her, there will not be found the voice of a groom or bride anymore so let them enjoy the shameless luxury while it lasts. (Revelation 18:1-24). Amen!

    • kasupuu

      atleast them..have u looked at urself??????

    • monakabaibe

      hop u knw wat bible u r talkin abt coz accordin 2 ur case it luks lyk u av a buk tht u call the bible.r r u jealous u wl neva step on winsta.kindli respect ur religion and urself if u own sam dignity in u

  • truth

    that gal is so doomed married to a devil worshipper and a notorious homosexual….

    • kasupuu

      then what are u if u cal them that????????

    • monakabaibe

      i wl buy u a dictionary coz the xul u went 2 appears 2 b matopeni primary xul.n hw much r u worth coz u luk lyk the homosexual r prostitute in this case

  • Mojojojo

    Of course she’s unhappy. Most women who are deeply entrenched in church rarely marry the love of their lives. They are normally blackmailed by statements such as “the Holy Spirit has shown me that you are my wife….” and the sucker falls for it. It still happens in 2012. Oh, have I neglected to mention that the men who approach these women (mostly beautiful) are not exactly Idris Elba/Shemar Moore look-alikes? Has it got to be the shortest, most shapeless, non-athletic man, probably with scattered hair that God chooses to “reveal” his wife to? Nkt!

    Woe unto that wife! In fact, woe unto those women who marry via spiritual “revelations”! It will not be my potion in Jesus name. Amen!

    • kasupuu

      what do u know abt spiritual revelations…if u hv ever got one it was that u were doomed to hate on successful pple…NKT!!!!!!!

      • Mojojojo

        You had to call yourself “kasupuu” to reassure yourself that you’re something you actually doubt you are. Lol.
        Anyway, that aside, I admire successful people. If I was to give you a list of successful people I admire you’d know that I have nothing but admiration for success. Just wondering how the issue of success applies in Ng’ang’a’s wedding. Oh wait a minute, you don’t think Ng’ang’a is the quintessence of success, do you?

    • monakabaibe

      did ur siz marry a conman hu she thot waz a preacher?back off, r did ur woman reject u n gt married 2 a preacher pity u y dont u get a cheap gal n marry n kindly send ur card oooh i 4gt u cant afford 1 u can onli afford tht kabambe u update thiz shit wth.chao

      • Mojojojo

        Your statement is null and void because I am actually a woman. And what’s with your bad spelling? Is it a la mode to draft English words with such pathetic spelling? You’ve really let down your English teacher.

    • omundustrong

      Whether the lady is unhappy is for you to speculate and for her to experience. The decision to marry the old geezer who has cash was not forced to her and maybe, just maybe she might find love as their relationship progresses.

      • Mojojojo

        You’re right. Maybe she will grow to love the old man with time.

    • chiefgeneral

      No.Woe unto you!ulitafuta moto umekutana na moto.

      • Mojojojo

        What are you on about???
        Which “moto” are you talking about?

    • gonewiththewind

      Tru that…

  • kismat

    I think she gat a thing for hon mr kalanzo jst look at how she b sizin him up!!!!!

  • lisa

    y iz the question 2 ask hu eva posted thiz info in narobi wire.bt wat reli makes me question the person iz the fact tht he/she insulted the man of God by sayin tht his music iz boring i ask can u sing better if u can call mi 2 listen 2 ur songs kindli

    • Mojojojo

      Lisa, the poster finds Ng’ang’a’s music to be boring and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone will find his music exciting. He/she has a social and legal right to express himself/herself. Was he/she supposed to lie if the music was a bore to him/her? You know lying is a sin, right?
      And why do you think his/her statement is an insult to Ng’ang’a? If for instance you find Salif Keita’s music to be a bore, does that translate to insulting Salif Keita?
      Maybe the poster can’t sing better (debatable), but if he/she found his music to be a bore (am not surprised), then he/she should not be compelled to state otherwise. Everyone has an opinion and they’ll probably differ from yours. Grow a thick skin my friend.
      And why is everyone drafting post in that pathetic spelling. Am I missing something here? Has the government scrapped the English subject from the Kenyan syllabus or something???????

  • mwa

    Kasupuu get a life maybe he should have married u! Are u his advocate or sthing everyone has a right to his/her opinion

  • alice

    Am not being judgemental but what does the bible say about divorce? if Pst. Nganga first wife is still alive, then he is married to the 20 year old lady, then this might be like telling God that He is a fool and doesnt know what is in the bible

    • Mojojojo

      The man’s wife died some time back. He was a widower.

  • rose

    God bless their marriage

  • chiefgeneral

    Apostle Ng’ang’a is a brand.You cannot sell without mentioning him.

  • Aggie

    am proud of yu apostle you are a man of God and you deserve to be happy.Loise you are beautiful i wish u a the best.