Jaymo Ule Msee Explains Reason Behind Trace Radio’s Closure

July 2, 2024

Radio presenter Jaymo Ule Msee (born Wilson Muirania Gathoni) has announced his departure from Trace Eastern Africa Media Group.

Taking to social media on June 30, Jaymo expressed his gratitude, praising his boss and colleagues for their support.

“Today is the last day ya BarTalk Show pale @traceeasternafrica. A huge shout to all BarTalk Fans, my cohost @cliff_the_cliff and all team members that we have shared the platform,” he wrote.

He added, “You have all made the BarTalk show to what it is today. Salute to our boss @dannymucira for trusting us with platform and all @traceeasternafrica colleagues for everything we did together.”

Jaymo has been a radio host at Trace Eastern Africa, airing shows from 7 pm to 10 pm every Monday to Friday. He also co-hosted a podcast, “bartalkpodcastke,” with fellow radio host Cliff the Cliff.

He disclosed that the boss at Trace Eastern Africa informed their radio department about the station’s closure due to challenging economic conditions in the country.

“The boss called all of us working in the radio department and told us that they were going to close the radio business because people don’t have money to advertise, people don’t have money to go to the media, and the best decision he had was to close the business,” Jaymo said in a recent podcast.

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