Celebrities Who Have Their Own Cannabis Brands

June 21, 2024

The world of cannabis is incomplete without celebrities. Through their art, charities, and fame, many celebrities have played a crucial role in demystifying the false and negative stigma around this precious, natural, and healing herb.

Now it’s time for them to reap the benefits, as more and more people are pouring on the web and streets in search of high-quality cannabis-derived products like 1500 mg CBD oil or deep sleep THC gummies. 

The legal cannabis market in the USA is expected to reach a valuation of $50 billion by the end of this decade, and it seems like everyone is planning to grab a pie from the ever-expanding cake. 

Today we will take a look at some of these cannabis empires, how they started, and their legacy, so that you can become a bit closer to your favorite celebrities and their entrepreneurial side. 

Houseplant by Seth Rogen

Who doesn’t know Seth Rogen? The stoner comedy king has ruled this genre since its beginning. Seth is a vocal supporter of cannabis and donates to studies on the scope of CBD in the treatment of neurological disorders. 

He started his cannabis brand called Houseplant with his co-founder Evan Goldberg in 2021. Evan is a screenwriter, and Seth has always said CBD helps him be creative while working on scripts, so it’s no surprise that both of these dudes have come up with a banger cannabis brand. 

Houseplant has a unique aesthetic appeal, which is reflected in its packaging. The platform is home to some amazing smoking accessories, like ashtrays, cups, rolling papers, grinders, and even rolling trays. 

The brand is exclusive to Canada and California and does over four hundred thousand dollars in sales monthly. 

Willie’s Reserve by Willie Nelson 

Willie Nelson, the beloved country music star, is one of the most staunch supporters of the cannabis legalization movement. 

He believes that marijuana has saved his life by helping him curb his nasty drinking habits and also states that this herb can make the world a better and happier place. The 90-year-old successfully runs a cannabis brand called Willie’s Reserve. 

The brand sells a collection of carefully selected, high-quality strains gathered from superior-quality farms across the country. 

On the official site, you can find products like vape cartridges, premium flower jars, gummies, and pre-made rolls. The brand has an offline presence in Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada and is gradually expanding to other states as well. 

Tyson 2.0 by Mike Tyson

You can’t expect anything less from a guy who lives with actual tigers. Yup, Mike Tyson is a living and breathing example of hard work, talent, and high-quality business acumen. 

This aging yet strong and fearful boxer has full farms dedicated to growing high-quality hemp and marijuana plants and further facilities for research on them. 

His cannabis brand is known as Tyson 2.0, which was launched recently in 2021 and has now expanded its reach to over 16 other countries. The brand sells stuff like Delta 8 gummies, merchandise, special bongs, and high-quality cannabis strains. 

All of their products are specifically targeted at the young, active, and thriving generation that is active in sports as well.  

Khalifa Kush by Wiz Khalifa 

Cannabis and Wiz Khalifa go hand in hand; this young man took the world by storm with both his music and the cannabis strain named after him. His brand, Khalifa Kush, thrives on the idea that everyone should get a chance to smoke better weed. 

The brand is home to three unique strains called Khalifa Kush, Khalifa Mint, and Violet Sky. The brand was launched back in 2014 and has now expanded to multiple offline retail stores across states. 

Wiz Khalifa himself is actively involved in overseeing the quality checks and production process, and not a single bad batch has been produced to date. 

As of now, they are operational in Utah, California, Michigan, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. Other than the above-mentioned strains, the brands also deal in edibles, concentrates, and pre-rolls. 

Whoopi & Maya by Whoopi Goldberg 

Whoopi & Maya was launched back in 2016 by comedian Whoopie Goldberg and California-based grower Maya Elisabeth. The brand focuses on providing natural relief for menstrual cramps and discomfort. 

The brand’s signature product is a cannabis-infused bathing solution that is made of THC, CBD, and other botanicals. The product line also includes tinctures, topicals, and edibles formulated to alleviate period pain and related symptoms. 

The aim was to create a safe and effective alternative to traditional chemical-ridden pain medications. Sadly, the brand went out of business in 2020 due to some internal rifts and a lack of government policies for including marijuana under medication prospects for menstrual pain relief.

Monogram by Jay Z 

Monogram is a wellness-centric CBD brand launched by rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z in 2021. The product line features a range of products, including topicals like CBD body oil and lotions, gummies, and pre-roll joints. 

All Monogram products are made with high-quality organic ingredients and are designed to provide a premium cannabis experience. The brand’s sleek, minimalist packaging and marketing specifically target the affluent members of Stoner Creed. 

Jay Z has always advocated for cannabis legalization and wants to position Monogram as a brand that destigmatizes the myths and lies around this special plant. 

Martha Stewart CBD by Martha Stewart 

Martha Stewart CBD is perhaps the most affordable, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing brand on our list. Writer and businesswoman Martha Stewart launched this brand in partnership with a global cannabis leader company called Canopy Growth. 

With Canopy Growth’s expertise and Martha’s charm and business acumen, this brand is now one of the most sought-after celebrity CBD brands by common folks. 

Some products are made from flavors that Martha herself has cultivated on her farms, and the quality oozes with every bite. The brand sells vegan and 100% organic gummies for different conditions like sleep, recovery, and stress. 

The End Note

Well, that’s a wrap. We hope you had fun reading about celebrity-owned cannabis brands. These brands allow you to connect on a higher level with your favorite celeb and their hard work and appreciation for fans show up in every bit of their products. 

Yes, they are slightly more expensive than going to a CBD store or site, but you should try them at least once in your life. Because, after all, money spent on herbs is money spent well. Still, all are not success stories, as we saw with Whoopi’s case, but that’s how this business is. 

Finally, we’d like to remind you that you should only buy your CBD products from reputable and trusted sources, like the one we listed, or from well-known and widely popular brands like Colorado Botanicals. Also, start your CBD wellness journey with a low dose and keep your water intake high to avoid dehydration

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