Akothee Defends Gen Z Protesters, Condemns Stigma Against Children of Single Mothers

June 25, 2024

Akothee has rubbished insinuations that the majority of Generation Z (Gen Z) anti-Finance Bill protesters are raised by single mothers.

Taking to social media on June 24, Akothee warned critics against stigmatizing children from single-parent households, emphasizing that they are just as responsible as those raised by both parents.

Akothee explained that children brought up by single mothers are often fearless because they have lost emotional attachment.

“A child raised by a single mother can face the world because they lost emotional attachment to what is called love and care. Do anything you can, but don’t stigmatize children because of their past,” she said.

The celebrity musician and businesswoman compared the experiences of children from two-parent households to those from single-parent households, noting some privileges Gen Z children from single-mother households never had.

Akothee pointed out that unlike previous generations who grew up in relative peace, Gen Z has been raised amid teargas and demonstrations, leading to their unity.

“Generation Z never enjoyed the freedom and peace that you and I had while growing up. Some of us even enjoyed maziwa ya Nyayo with a lot of peace! There were no bullets or teargas; only top leaders were losing their lives. The cost of living was very good; you could shop with 100 Kshs and bring change home. But our children are raised amidst teargas and demonstrations; they are united and speak one language. They know no tribe or ethnicity,” she said.

At the same time, Akothee urged police officers to stop using teargas against the youth. She called on authorities to care for Gen Z during the anti-Finance Bill protests or engage them in dialogue to understand their concerns.

“Don’t underestimate this generation that we took to good schools. As a single mother, I will go to the streets to protect my children. Now that you have mentioned single mothers’ children on the streets, don’t bring teargas, don’t bring bullets. Instead, bring my children some water, biscuits, and juice, or call for a dialogue,” she added.

Akothee further stressed that there is no need to play tough, warning that these children have nothing to lose but everything to gain considering the hardships they have endured. She urged people not to underestimate the children of single mothers.

“It might be true that you have raised your children with a present father, but I implore you to show understanding and empathy. This finance bill should be put on hold until a dialogue happens,” she concluded.

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