Steve Harvey Shares His Conversation with Tyler Perry About President William Ruto

May 23, 2024

Steve Harvey achieved one of his goals this week by meeting President William Ruto during his state visit to the U.S.

The renowned American TV host stepped in for Tyler Perry during President Ruto’s tour of the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

While hosting the Kenyan delegation on Tuesday, Steve Harvey expressed his surprise at the coincidence of filling in for Tyler Perry. Harvey shared that meeting the Kenyan President was on his vision board, a goal he had discussed with Tyler Perry.

“I’m here on behalf of my brother Tyler Perry, who’s out of town and couldn’t make it. He said, ‘Steve, the President of Kenya is coming to town,’ and I said that’s ironic because he’s on my vision board. I showed it to him today,” Harvey claimed.

The actor and comedian noted that he is already in business with the President of Botswana, Eric Mokgweetsi, and plans to engage with President Ruto.

Harvey emphasized Africa’s great potential and the need to bridge the gap between Africa and the outside world. He mentioned that without Africa, African Americans would not exist.

“I was the first person to bring a television show from America and tape it on the continent of Africa after everyone told me it couldn’t be done. They said it wasn’t feasible and that the infrastructure wasn’t there. I went over and proved them wrong because Africa is more than capable,” Harvey explained.

“All we need to do is build a bridge between here and there. You are who we are. If there was no Africa, there would be no African American, no Tyler Perry Studios,” he added.

President William Ruto invited Harvey to visit Kenya during the meeting. Harvey promised to make this a reality in September before filming his TV game show Family Feud Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa.

During this visit, he plans to meet and engage with Kenyan creatives.

Harvey will then return to Kenya in December as one of the chief guests for the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

“When I met my brother (President Ruto), he invited me to Kenya. It just so happens that September is when I hit my vacation.

“I’m going to start shooting Family Feud again in Johannesburg but this time for Botswana. So I’m going to be on that side of the world before I go to see my brother (Ruto) and we’re going to hang out in Kenya. This is a dream come true,” Harvey said.

On his part, President Ruto stated that the partnership with Harvey and Tyler Perry Studios will transform Kenya’s creative industry.

He mentioned that when Harvey visits, the government will have aligned critical areas and will be ready to collaborate with him and other players in the creative business.

The President emphasized the importance of Harvey and others acting as mentors and inspiration to local creatives.

“This is going to change our trajectory. We are going to plan more, and I am grateful to the people around this table. Thank you, my good brother, for what you are doing with us in Kenya. I promise that when you come, you will find the government ready to work with you and those in the creative sector, so we can achieve more together.”

“We appreciate everyone from Hollywood and are eager to explore collaboration opportunities. You can serve as an inspiration and mentor to many in Kenya who aspire to do what you do,” President Ruto added.

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