Rehabilitation of Kiambu Main Bus Park Completed (PHOTOS)

May 22, 2024

Governor Kimani Wamatangi has announced the completion of the rehabilitation of Kiambu County’s main bus stage, which began last year.

The 4,750-square-metre bus terminal, a major infrastructure project aimed at improving transportation within the county, now features modern amenities designed to enhance public transport efficiency and safety, the governor said.

The terminal has been upgraded with cabro paving, road furniture, and clear signage and markings to ensure smooth traffic flow within the facility.

Governor Wamatangi stated that an advanced drainage system has been installed to prevent flooding and maintain the infrastructure’s integrity.

“The completion of the Kiambu Bus Park marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to improve public transport in the region,” he said, adding that the facility now features clear markings to ensure a seamless experience for commuters and operators alike.

With 30 active Saccos operating within Kiambu and neighboring counties, the governor says the Bus Park is set to become a central hub for regional transport.

Final touches, including parking and direction markings, are expected to be completed this week.

The Kiambu Bus Park project began in June 2023 when the County Government of Kiambu initiated the rehabilitation of most of its terminus bus stages. The scope of work included excavation, grading, laying cabro blocks, and solarizing existing streetlights.

Apart from the infrastructure improvements, Governor Wamatangi noted that the project has created job opportunities for local residents.

Additionally, modern kiosks have been constructed and will be allocated to existing traders within the terminus.

“My administration is also undertaking rehabilitation projects at other bus parks in the county, including Makongeni, O.J., Karuri, Githunguri, Githurai, and Kwa Maiko, as part of a broader initiative to enhance public transportation infrastructure and promote economic growth and connectivity in Kiambu County,” the governor said.

Some photos.

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