Report: TV and Radio Top Pastimes for Kenyans

May 22, 2024

A report by the Communications Authority shows that TV and radio are the most popular pastimes for 70% of Kenyans.

The Audience Measurement and Industry Trends Report revealed that in the first quarter of the 2023/2024 financial year, 77% of respondents listened to the radio, increasing to 78% in the second quarter, and slightly dropping to 76% in the third quarter.

The report also indicated that 74% of Kenyans watched TV as their favorite pastime in the first quarter, with this figure rising to 75% in both the second and third quarters.

Internet usage as a pastime was noted at 57% in the first quarter, increasing to 58% in the subsequent quarters.

Newspaper reading was reported at 17% in the first quarter, dipping to 16% in the second quarter, and rising to 18% in the third quarter. Magazine reading remained low, with only 5% in the first quarter, increasing slightly to 7% in the second quarter, and 6% in the third quarter.

“While television and the internet saw no change in engagement, the current quarter’s data indicates a modest dip for radio. During this time, there was a slight reduction in magazine reading and a slight increase in newspaper reading,” the report stated.

The report highlighted that media consumption patterns remained steady over the three quarters. It noted that mobile phones account for about one-third of radio listenership, while traditional radio sets still dominate.

“Mobile phones account for about one-third of radio listenership, yet traditional radio sets still dominate as the main method for engaging with radio. Television is primarily watched on TV sets. Social media access predominantly happens through mobile phones and remains a significant part of media consumption,” read the report.

The study found that radio is more popular in rural regions, while urban areas have a stronger preference for television.

“Radio’s widespread popularity in rural Kenya is due to its accessibility, affordability, relevance to local cultures and languages, and its ability to foster community cohesion and engagement,” the report explained.

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