Ezekiel Mutua Withdraws His First TikTok Earnings, “One day I will post a million..”

May 30, 2024

Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), is thrilled to have banked his first earnings from the TikTok platform.

Sharing his excitement on social media Tuesday evening, Mutua posted a screengrab showing he had earned a little over Kes.1300. He emphasized that this money came from clean content, reinforcing his commitment to promoting appropriate content on TikTok.

“At exactly 10:20 pm today, I made my first withdrawal from TikTok through my PayPal account. The journey towards sanitizing TikTok with clean content has begun in earnest. I hope to serve as an example that content doesn’t have to be dirty to sell,” Mutua said.

Mutua expressed confidence that he would one day earn up to Kes.1,000,000 from his clean TikTok content.

“One day I will post a million here through clean and useful content on TikTok!”

Mutua Lectures Pastor Kanyari

This milestone comes barely a week after he met with controversial preacher Victor Kanyari to address his recent conduct on the platform.

Ezekiel Mutua criticized Kanyari’s behavior, stating that he was setting a bad example for young TikTok users and his followers, especially given his role as a church leader.

“Pastor Kanyari has disgraced the church. The unfortunate incidents of inappropriate conduct online in the last few weeks must be condemned. If pastors continue with this drama for clout chasing, there’s no telling how far this can go.”

On the other hand, Mutua said he would use Kanyari’s experience to mentor thousands of Kenyan youths on TikTok who are engaging in pornographic content for money.

“Kanyari did well to join TikTok because, despite the unfortunate consequences, we are now having a conversation to restore the youths on these platforms. These are our children, and we cannot ride on high moral horses to condemn and shun them.”

Mutua clarified that he would not tolerate blasphemy or misconduct in the name of mentoring the youth but rather encourage them to turn around the content they produce.

“We are not condoning blasphemy or misconduct. Far from it. But we must have a genuine conversation to rescue our youths who are perishing. We cannot afford to wait to get their attention when another one dies. Most of them have real challenges. They are depressed, high on drugs, and resentful. But they are our children, and we must engage.”

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